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Mon Aug 12 22:12:12 EST 2002

"Joseph A Nagy Jr" <pagan_prince at> wrote in message
> > You "wiberals" even made a LIE out of his letter regarding "wall of
> > separation between church and state".
> <snip>
> It was more then a letter, obviously, it became part of the Bill of
Rights, which he helped draft.
> That wall should be as high as the noon day sun and as thick as the void
between here and the edge
> of the universe. The religious of this nation (or any nation) should NOT
push their views upon those
> within in the nation. It is wrong. It breeds hate and resentment. It
breeds more fuck heads like
> you. It causes war and strife. Religion has probably been the cause of
more wars then land and women
> combined (and I'd rather fight over a beautiful woman, they are actually
WORTH going to war over,
> IMO). Jeruselem is the Jewish AND Christian Holy Land. Lets all live in
peace and TOLERANCE. Jesus
> tried to teach that, but you seemed to have missed the point. Did you even
go to Church yesterday,
> Mr. Knight?

No, it did not become "part of the Bill of Rights".  The words "wall",
"separate" and "separation" don't ever appear anywhere in the entire US
Constitution.  Search for them yourself at

This was an excerpt from a letter Mr. Jefferson wrote YEARS after the US
Constitution and the Bill of Rights had been implemented, and you "liberals"
have taken it entirely out of context.  Mr. Jefferson wanted to include the
word "Christian" in the Bill of Rights, just as it still appears in the
Virginia Constitution which he helped draft.  The "wall of separation"
referred to his desire to prohibit GOVERNMENT from dictating RELIGION, as it
now does, like by being one of the only countries in the entire world to
deny school children the simple right to pray to God.

Whether you're a LIAR, or just STUPID, has yet to be seen, Nagy, but if
you're going to quote Christian men like Mr. Jefferson, GET IT RIGHT.

John Knight

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