brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Tue Aug 13 18:32:16 EST 2002

"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at> wrote in message
> >> (Note that most of these surveys had approximately that 3% error you
> >> like to spout off about, yet the actual range of the different samples
> >> in more like 15%.  And every single one of these polls was
> >> professionally done rather than being like your ad hoc internet polls.
> >> Shows how little use polls are in proving something.)
> >
> >This is not a statistical error, you MORON.  The differences are based on
> >different polling methodologies, sample sizes, sample selections,
> >geographies, and other BIASED groupings.
> I know that.  My point is that polls are so inexact because of the
> other factors that statistical error seldom becomes relevant.

This is not correct.  What is correct is that advocacy organizations like
Gallup, Environics Research, MacLean, Decision Research, and other faggot
groups do everything in their power to downplay opposition to legalized
sodomy, but every time a state referendum finally enables the people to vote
on the issue, they vote AGAINST sodomites every time, in numbers almost
twice as great as these "pollsters" predicted.

> >You already KNOW that Gallup is a faggot organization which views sodomy
> >a "civil right", which ELIMINATES them as an objective polling house
> >off the bat.  But even their airy fairy little polling technique couldn't
> >raise acceptance of faggots above 43%, could it?
> >
> >And now we have "Environics" who suddenly sticks through the roof of the
> >tent as if though they're some kind of social leader, "observing" that
> >opposition to faggotry decreased from 48% to 37% in only 5 years, at the
> >same time that airy fairy Gallup says that only 43% "approve".
> >
> >Is this some kind of a breakthrough in amorality, or did Environics just
> >find a new and unique way to LIE, lojbab?
> Neither.  It is "different polling methodologies, sample sizes, sample
> selections, geographies, ..." as you put it above.
> The point is that the poll numbers are all over the place, but for the
> most part approximately equally in favor and opposed.  Clearly the
> data does not match with your claim that so many hundred million
> Christians are opposed, especially when coupled with information about
> 5 churches that don't agree with you.
> lojbab

Yes, "the poll numbers are all over the place", but only if you're a sodomy
advocacy group.  For everyone else, the numbers are very consistent.'s current results show 68% oppose sodomite marriages.  Even jew
Yawk Magazine managed to discover that "66% oppose the legalization of
same-sex marriage", which is right squak in between the 69-70% of the voters
in Alaska, Hawaii, and Nebraska, and the 63% of the voters in California,
who implemented laws that prohibit sodomite marriages.

Why do you think 70% of the voters in Nebraska voted for an initiative that
banned sodomite marriages, which is TWO THIRDS more than Gallup predicted?

It's only these sodomite advocacy groups who're "confused".  Everyone else
readily admits that at least two thirds of Americans OPPOSE the legalization
of sodomy.

The one legitimate question you MIGHT ask is why the NORC survey shows that
as late as 1992, 85% answered "yes" to "do you think sex between two adults
of the same sex is always wrong", but only 68% voted in 2000 to ban sodomite
marriages.  A possible answer is that 17% believe it's always wrong but just
don't trust the state to be able to correct the problem through a referendum

iow, just because only 68% voted for the law that made homosexual
"marriages" illegal doesn't imply that only 68% oppose the legalization of
sodomy.  iow, both data points could be accurate.

John Knight

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