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<Yes, "the poll numbers are all over the place", but only if you're a sodomy
<advocacy group.  For everyone else, the numbers are very consistent.
<'s current results show 68% oppose sodomite marriages.  Even jew
<Yawk Magazine managed to discover that "66% oppose the legalization of
<same-sex marriage", which is right squak in between the 69-70% of the voters
<in Alaska, Hawaii, and Nebraska, and the 63% of the voters in California,
<who implemented laws that prohibit sodomite marriages.
<Why do you think 70% of the voters in Nebraska voted for an initiative that
<banned sodomite marriages, which is TWO THIRDS more than Gallup predicted?
<It's only these sodomite advocacy groups who're "confused".  Everyone else
<readily admits that at least two thirds of Americans OPPOSE the legalization
<of sodomy.
<The one legitimate question you MIGHT ask is why the NORC survey shows that
<as late as 1992, 85% answered "yes" to "do you think sex between two adults
<of the same sex is always wrong", but only 68% voted in 2000 to ban sodomite
<marriages.  A possible answer is that 17% believe it's always wrong but just
<don't trust the state to be able to correct the problem through a referendum

Oh, it's simpler than that.  The reason that -- in spite of LOUD
past claims on your part that it could never happen --- the reason
that "sodomy" is legal in Nebraska, Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota, Arizona, 
Indiana, Vermont, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Maryland, Illinois, Tennessee, 
Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, Connecticut, 
Alaska, Ohio, South Dakota, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, 
Oregon, Rhode Island, New York, Maine, Georgia, Arkansas, West Virginia, 
Hawaii, Kentucky, and the District of Columbia is due to the fact
that your old-school bigotry is out, and most people feel that, whether
it creeps them out personally or not, it's basically none of their
damn business what other folks care to do.  Their state legislators
have reponded.  It happened here in Arizona just two years ago.

Incidentally, your site shows NORC numbers from `85-`89, not "as late
as 1992", and when you normalize the percentages given against
the number of respondants in each category, those responding "always
wrong" were 76%, not 85%.  Where do you come up with the numbers
you quote?

-- cary

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