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> John Knight wrote:
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> >>I'm neither, just mistaken, Mr. Knight. I apologize for my assumptions.
> >>
> >
> >
> > Apology accepted.
> >
> > There's a massive campaign to slur the good name of Mr. Jefferson which
> > hasn't ebbed one ripple since he criticized the jews and refused to let
> > run the nation's banks.  So it's not surprising at all that you were
> > ignorant of the point.
> >
> > Almost two centuries after having "permission" to pray to God in their
> > classrooms, our children were denied that right by jewish "supreme court
> > justices" who suddenly in 1961 "interpreted" Mr. Jefferson's letter in
> > exactly the opposite way he wrote it, at which time THEY unilaterally
> > it a part of the "Bill of Rights".
> >
> > Do you know of any children in the world besides American children who
> > denied that right?  I know from a year and a half in Russia that Russian
> > children aren't denied that right.  In Israel, Christian children are
> > that right, but jewish children vigorously study the Talmud, at OUR
> > A friend who lived in Cuba and I compared notes between Russia and Cuba,
> > it became obvious that the jewish propaganda campaign is amazingly
> > similar--Cuban children also aren't denied that right.
> >
> > What Mr. Jefferson et. al. penned more than 200 years ago is a far
> > social construct than what we now have--because what we now have is 180
> > degrees out of synch with what they wrote.
> >
> > John Knight
> >
> >
> >
> That still doesn't mean I don't dis-agree with the seperation of church
and state, although I see
> nothing wrong with voluntary, student led, prayer. As for Cuban kids being
allowed to pray, I find
> that odd because Cuba, like China, is a Communist country, and if I'm not
mistaken, the Communist
> outlaw religion because it takes away FROM the state in some manner or
another. I'm not sure on the
> specifics as I have never truly studied communism past what they teach in
World History when talking
> about Russia, Cuba, and China (yes, I know, Russia is now supposedly a
democratic nation, but I'll
> believe that when the curropt politicians are ousted from office). Just
look at China's treatment of
> the Tibetan monks and the Buddhists (and anyone that speaks out against
their Communistic
> principal's). Being Jewish is not just ethnicity, me thinks. It is also a
frame of mind and
> religion. And if we go by the Noah Geneology link you posted a while back,
I'm sure we could all
> trace our roots back to Noah, that is unless you believe in evolution, but
that would pretty much
> kill Noah (or not, as PAGAN religions much older then Christianity have
their own versions of the
> creation story, and all include a great flood, so while your good book
might not all be fiction, it
> was wrote 2000+years ago by men (inspired by God, if you wish) who were
superstitious(sp) and has
> been poorly translated a thousand-plus times. It's accuracy leaves
something to be desired.).
> As for American children being denied the right, you obviously haven't
visited my high school, where
> student led prayer is the norm (every morning there is school, they gather
around the flag pool and
> pray, then head inside and talk for a while before classes begin, not only
is it voluntarily run by
> students, they also have a teacher sponsor (every student organization
needs one) and are supported
> (and never made fun of) by almost every other student, whether or not they
join in the prayer. I
> joined them several times while I attended high school. It was marvelous
to be in the presence of
> REAL Christians. They didn't care what I believed, but accepted me and let
me join in with their
> discussions afterwards (I even said a few prayers of my own at the
flagpole). It was a very
> refreshing thing, especially after having to deal with bigots and racists
like you.
> Mr. Knight, I'd like you to join ME in a prayer (the Lords Prayer to be
> Our Father, who art in heaven
> hallowed by thy name
> Thy kingdom come, they will be done
> on Earth as it is in Heaven,
> **Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us**
> Lead us not into temptation,
> But deliver us from evil,
> Now and forever,
> Amen.
> I forgive you Mr. Knight because I think deep down inside you are indeed a
nice person.
> P.S. I also see nothing wrong with The Pledge of Allegiance as it has been
recited since the '60's.
> I pledge allegiance, to the flag
> Of the United States of America
> And to the Republic for which it stands,
> One Nation, Under God,
> **With Liberty and Justice for All**
> As for whose God our nation is under...*shrugs*...whichever one you
believe in.

It took quite a while to determine who it was who was controlling our "news
media" who was spreading so many LIES about every subject they touched, but
now that it's so well documented that jews control at least 75% of our
media, the answer's clear.

One of the biggest LIES these jews promoted was exactly what is meant by
"communist".  In Russia, there's no doubt that a "communist" is a jew.
Since communists are no longer in power in Russia, jews are leaving as fast
as they can scamper out, which is a fact you would never know from the
jewish controlled "news".

If you're a race like jews, though, it's very easy to write LIES.  Our whole
conflict with Cuba is based on jewish LIES.  The Cold War with Russia, the
world war in Europe, the looming "war" in Iraq, the killing of fellow
Christians in Palestine and Kosovo, even our wars on drugs, poverty,
illiteracy, crime, are all based on  jewish LIES.

Whether or not we'll ever agree about school prayer, do we agree that it was
a HUGE mistake to permit this alien foreign power called "Israel" to dictate
American policy, all the way from school prayer to gun control to killing
Israel's historic enemies?

John Knight

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