brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Joseph A Nagy Jr pagan_prince at
Wed Aug 14 05:15:15 EST 2002

Bob LeChevalier wrote:
>>living in a CHRISTIAN land,
> a nonsensical phrase

Nonsensical because the Native Americans (Indians, Aboriginals, what have you) were Pagans 
themselves, and they had a better life then the Europeans, IMO. They knew how to live WITH nature, 
not against it. What the "Christians" did to their fellow man (the Native Americans) was very 
un-Christian like. They (the "Christians") burned their (the Native Americans) histories and 
religious texts and forced upon them a life and religion foreign to them. Personally, shit like that 
makes me sick to be an American, but knowing my blood relatives earliest venture into America was 
1865 (mom's side) and 1956 (dad's side) kinda takes away that sick feeling. I still feel bad what 
was done in the past, and yes, it is the past, but we haven't learned from it. "Christians" around 
the world are STILL burning the religious texts of thousands of aboriginal people's. Not only is 
part of history lost with those texts, but so are those people's cultures that CHRISTIANS so 
carelessly crush.

With Mr. Knight's assumptions on land values, if he so truly wanted his version of utopia, then he 
should be able to buy an island somewhwere out in the Pacific Ocean for cheap (I'm thinking Wake 
Island is up for grabs now) and do what ever the hell he wants with it.

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