GROUP HUG!!!!!!! ((Was Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's))

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Wed Aug 14 14:42:36 EST 2002

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<blujuju wrote:
<> *nods* *gives John a spoonfull of sugar to help it go down*
<> : The only thing that really is making this cold worse is knowing I just
<> gave it to my lady friend.
<> : *Frowns muchly*
<> *pats Joseph's back
<> It'll be OK, Joseph. She'll understand.
<I guess.
<Anywho. Whats going on in everyone elses neck of the woods?

Well, in the livestock reports, it's been a disappointing summer
so far down here in Arizona, scorpion-wise.  I've had barely
a half-dozen in my house all summer.  How's things... wherever
the hell you are?

-- cary

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