brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> "No one disputes the faith of our Founding Fathers. To speak of
> Rights being endowed by a Creator certainly shows a sensitivity to our
> spiritual selves. What is surprising is when fundamentalist Christians
> the Founding Fathers' faith had anything to do with the Bible. Without
> exception, the faith of our Founding Fathers was deist, not theist. It was
> best expressed earlier in the Declaration of Independence, when they spoke
> of "the Laws of Nature" and of "Nature's God."
> In a sermon of October 1831, Episcopalian minister Bird Wilson said,
> "Among all of our Presidents, from Washington downward, not one was a
> professor of religion, at least not of more than Unitarianism."

Where does the idea come from that a president, Founding Forefather,
Christian, bootlack, or nigger needs to be a "professor of religion" just to
be a Christian?  Or to be credible?  Or to profess they are Christians?

This is STUPID.

Mr. Jefferson's POINT is that FOOLS like Bird Wilson WERE the problem with
religion, or "Christianity".  This was because they all wanted THEIR
Christian church to be the NATIONAL church, which is the ONLY reason Mr.
Jefferson wrote in a letter about the "wall of separation".

What other people say or write about Christians means NOTHING to anybody.
It's only what CHRISTIANS like Mr. Jefferson, and Washington, and Franklin
say about themselves that has any credibility about their personal religious
beliefs, and they ALL professed to be Christians.

Why is that so hard to grasp?  Is it this missing 3 1/2 billion brain cells?
Do you have to have 3 1/2 billion more brain cells than you have, as Mr.
Jefferson and Washington and Franklin and most American men have, in order
to comprehend this "fine" point?

There's obviously a "difference of opinion" here, if we can be so bold as to
claim that you've actually formed an "opinion".  The simple fact that you
can't accept Mr. Jefferson's OWN words for his OWN personal beliefs takes
this out of the "opinion" category and puts it into the "feeling" category,

What you claim you "know" about Mr. Jefferson, that he was a "deist", is ONE
HUNDRED AND EIGHT DEGREES CONTRARY to what Mr. Jefferson himself thought of
himself, namely, that "I am a real Christian".

The two cannot both be true.  Either he was wrong, or you are wrong.

Do you think anybody's going to lose sleep tonight trying to decide which
one is DEAD WRONG, Shallow Dunce?

John Knight

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