brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Wed Aug 14 15:52:17 EST 2002

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>> Sorry.  Not true.  Won't wash.  Can't be.  The Jews are not remotely
>> capable of this: they're the STUPIDEST people on the planet.
>> Or so you keep telling us.
>> -- cary
>You're right, cary.  The jews are the STUPIDEST people on the planet, bar
>none.  Not even niggers are this stupid, because 86 nations before us
>haven't kicked out niggers like they've kicked out jews.
>It's jews who are the lackeys to Zionism, and it's the Zionists who put them
>in charge of at least three quarters of our "mainstream media".  The
>Zionists themselves may get away with it, but the jews are, once again,
>going to get the vast majority of the blame.

Ah, so the Jews are the stupidest people.  And the Zionists, who must
not be Jews (or they would be lackeys to themselves) must be smarter
than all the rest of us, since they are able to take over the world
despite a few "enlightened" people like you?

>Can you top that for STUPIDITY?  I doubt it.

All we have to do is read your writings every day.  You outstrip all
the rest for sheer stupidity.


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