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<Aug. 12, 2002: 8 paragraphs
< This article posted online at ""
< Killed for Driving 72 in a 60 mph zone
< by Michael A. Hoffman II
< For driving 72 miles per hour (mph) in a 60 mph zone, Donald W.
< Matthews, a 61-year-old former steelworker, was killed by police in
< Massillon, Ohio. From "The Beacon Journal," August 11, 2002:
< ""
< "The group is particularly incensed about traffic laws and doesn't
< believe a state trooper has the authority to stop a vehicle or demand to
< see a driver's license. 'The police have become the standing army of our
< country...
< On Aug. 9, "...perhaps after teaching his last class, Matthews drove
< south on state Route 21 past woods and farms. He saw the flashing lights
< in his rearview mirror. A trooper clocked him doing 72 mph in a 60 mph
< zone. He wasn't wearing a seat belt, either. He refused to give his
< license." (End quote)
< Matthews, a Marine veteran with no criminal record, was shot to death by
< the modern American equivalent of the old British highwayman, who
< demands at gunpoint that we "cross his palm with the coin of the realm"
< (in the form of traffic "fines" for benefit of executive and judiciary
< crime lords at county and state level). 

Well, they appear to have been a bit miffed that he shot a trooper
to death.  You know how surly they can get when you do that.

< When Ezra Pound was released from St. Elizabeth's Insane Asylum in
< Washington, D.C,. after 12 years' incarceration, he was asked prior to
< his nearly immediate departure for Italy, what it was like to live in a
< madhouse for that long. Pound turned his hawk-like eyes on the reporter

Oh, good, let's hold up Ezra Pound as a paragon of sanity.  When
he was tried for treason -- having made a series of radio
broadcasts on behalf of Mussolini during World War II -- even
in that hyper-patriotic climate, it took the jury only four
minutes to find him not guilty by reason of insanity.  

Too bad.  Our greatest poet, in my estimation.

< and replied, "You should know. All of America is an insane asylum." If
< you don't believe old Ez, just try fighting for mass transit against
< Detroit's CEOs, or driving without a seatbelt, or going 72 in a 60 mph
< zone.

Or shooting a police officer.

-- cary

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