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: >: Mr. Jefferson wrote in his own hand, numerous times, "I am a real
: >: Christian".
: >
: >Show me. And references to will not be acceptable
: >sources, nor other christian based websites. They're biased.
: See my post in response to Nagy.  Jefferson used those words, but the
: nincompoop took them out of context which indicated that he meant
: something quite different from what the 4 words alone imply.
: Note that one of the nincompoop's quotes of Jefferson actually
: devastates his own case, though he probably lacks the wit to
: understand it.  I've excised a few lines in the middle, but people can
: go back to the prior posts to read them if they care.  (And there are
: places where you can read the whole body of Jefferson's writings with
: no context deleted
: >: Thomas Jefferson on Calvinism
: >:
: >: "Calvin's character of this supreme being seems chiefly copied from
that of
: >: the Jews."
: >:
: >: "The truth is that the greatest enemies to the doctrines of Jesus are
: >: calling themselves the expositors of them, who have perverted them for
: >: structure of a system of fancy absolutely incomprehensible, and without
: >: foundation in his genuine words."
: ...
: >All
: >: things were created by it, and without it was made not one thing which
: >: made'. Yet this text, so plainly declaring the doctrine of Jesus that
: >: world was created by the supreme, intelligent being, has been perverted
: >: modern Christians to build up a second person of their tritheism by a
: >: mistranslation of the word {logos}."
: So all of the Christian ministers (and especially Calvinists, which
: include several major denominations of Protestants) are equated with
: the Jews he hates, and who Jefferson claims perverted the teachings of
: Christ.  He then at the end explicitly denounces the concept of Christ
: and the Trinity as a "perversion" of His doctrine.
: A cogent summary of what Jefferson probably DID believe based on his
: quotes can be found at:
: including the following quote from Jefferson:
: >"Of this band of dupes and impostors, Paul was the great Corypheus,
: > and first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus" (Ibid.).
: A Christian?  Judge for yourself, but don't believe the nincompoop.

The only thing I believe about John is that he's having some type of
breakdown and should seek professional help.

blu (thank you for an excellent post, by the way)

: lojbab

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