brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > >Imagine men having sex with other men, and women having sex with other
> > >women, and men and women having sex with animals, and then having sex
> with
> > >each other.  Life is one huge orgasm for these feral people.  This is
> > >exactly why God shows us His condemnation of adulterous and/or
> > >sex by visiting AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, social and sexual
> > >dysfunctions, and mental illness, upon those who practice such filthy
> > >desires.
> >
> > So THIS is why you have social and sexual dysfunction and mental
> > illness?  Because you "practice the filthy desire of "imagining men
> > having sex with other men and ..."?
> >
> Isn't it funny how "wiberals" can't ever comprehend even the simplest of
> points?

You always resort to insults when you have nothing of use to say.

> Did you really fail to understand his point, "wiberal", or are you just
> trying your hand at "wiberal humor"?
> > >If you think that some guy just came up with over 700 laws, called
> himself
> > >God, and got a bunch of his buddies to follow him via Hollywood special
> effe
> > >cts, the historical record bears witness against you.
> >
> > What historical record exists outside the Bible that confirms the
> > Exodus story.
> What historical evidence do you have that it's wrong?
> None?
> Then it's a fact.

No, it is not a fact.  There is no evidence to either direction; therefore,
it is but an idea, a theory, a myth.  There would have to be irrefutable
archeological evidence proving it happened, for it to be true.

> >
> > >and if God wasn't real, then the entire
> > >of history post-year-1 A. C. E. is a wash and a fabrication.
> >
> > How would that be true.  Millions of people have had a history
> > believing in religions that YOU think are false.  Do you claim that
> > their history is a wash and a fabrication?
> >
> 2 billion Christians around the world agree with Mr. August, and not with
> you "wiberals".  Another 1.2 billion Muslims substantially agree with him.
> Even many of the 1 billion Hindus and Buddhists also agree with him.

Ehm...excuse me?  You are a fundamentalist Christian.  How do you know about
what other religions believe, when you, yourself think their holy texts are
trash?  Don't presume to know what you have yet to learn.

> You could take all Americans who agree with you "wiberals" and put them
> on a boat and ship them all off to Madagascar--which we should.

Yeah, that's your plan, isn't it.  I saw that on your website - the
"manifest" for Madagascar.  What a joke.  Who declared you supreme ruler?
You're nothing more than dirt under the feet of self-respecting people.

> >   If Jesus
> > >Christ wasn't literally born into this world to have a profound
> > >upon it, to the point where we now mark our calendars based on His
> > >then the entire Christian religion is a huge sham and lie for which
> millions
> > >have been hopelessly martyred, with no eternal reward.
> >
> > It wouldn't be the first or last religion for which millions have been
> > hopelessly martyred.  How about 6 million Jews in the Holocaust for
> > example?
> >
> > lojbab
> According to JEWISH sources, there were 4% MORE jews after WWII than there
> were before.  Where, then, did these "6 million Jews in the Holocaust"
> from?  Outer space?  The Middle Of The Earth?

Oh here we go, he's denying the Holocaust.  I'm not surprised.  Here's some
sites that clearly refute your trumped-up statistics:

...and so many more.

> Why are you continuing to promote this most infamous of all jewish LIES,
> long after it's been proven to be a jewish LIE, lojbab?

Because you are the only one who thinks it's a lie.  Poor baby, do you
really feel that insignificant?  Shouting will not alter history.

Next thing we know, you'll be denying 911 ever happened.

> What's in it for you?  Are you a jew?  Do you just enjoy LYING.
> It seems that the "wiberal" religion is centered around the promotion of
> biggest LIES that jews can create.  Why is that?

It seems that when you don't get your way, out come the accusations.
Really, JK, you should stop that; it makes you look like an infant.

> We need a new category of crime in the US.  We need to establish a severe
> penalty for CHRONIC HOLOCAUST LIARS.  It should be part of the Patriot
> "any foreign or domestic enemy who continues to promote the holocaust LIE
> after being advised of the facts is guily of domestic terrorism and shall
> sentenced to 8 years in Harlem, 16 years in Madagascar, or both."
> John Knight

Oh, here we go.  Ship people off to Madagascar.  Kill anyone that doesn't
agree with you.

John, you are a very dangerous individual.  Perhaps I should notify the FBI
about you, because what you're proposing amounts to native, home-grown

The Shadow Dancer

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