brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >< Who did this?  Why, the jew Eisenhower,
> >
> >Eisenhower was president following the Civil War?  Laughably enough,
> >my history books always said he was president a bit after World War II.
> >But I'm sure you're right.
> In the sense that any time period after 1865 follows the Civil War, no
> doubt.
> I'm unclear on this "jew Eisenhower" thing, though.  I thought the
> only President we had that wasn't a Protestant was Kennedy.

Dan, he defines Jews by heritage - but he still can't get it right, even
after I posted a slew of definitions for him.

In his lil world, "Jews" and "Israelites" are two separate races; something
we know to be patently untrue.

To JK, a "Jew" isn't an adherent of Judaism and/or a native of Israel, but
someone who consistently fights his racist, bigoted views and his horrible
corruption of Christanity - with fervor.

So, every one of us who dares to disagree is a "Jew" to JK.

The Shadow Dancer

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