God and Creation (was: Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's)

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Wed Aug 14 23:29:10 EST 2002

"OhSojourner" <ohsojourner at aol.com> wrote in message
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> > > > You either believe in Heaven or Hell NOW, or you will believe in it
> >  you
> > > > pass from this earth.
> > > >
> > > > And, you prove how two-faced you are, when you say there is no
> >  good
> > > > or "pure" evil when you state that the blessing of the altar was a
> >  of
> > > > chasing away evil.  You either have pure good, in Christ as God, or
> >  have
> > > > pure evil, in everything else.
> > >
> > > <a whole bunch of extra stuff snipped - stuff she could look up in her
> > > copy of the Christian Bible>
> > >
> > > Richard, really now.  You need to stop confining yourself and learn
> > > something, here.
> > >
> > > *NOTHING* existant on this earth is a perfect absolute.
> >
> > This is too funny for words.
> >
> > Here you are trying to convince everyone that there is no "perfect
> > absolute", using capitalization and asterisks all around the ultimate
> > expression of absolute, which is "nothing".
> >
> > Are you an out of work comedian, Shallow Dunce, or are you *really* this
> > stupid?
> >
> >
> >
> > > That goes for
> > > "good" and "evil" as well.  There are *always* shades of gray.  The
> > > as well, are relative - NOT fixed.  What some regard as "good" does
> > > "evil" to others.
> >
> > There are many absolutes, and one absolute in the Holy Bible is the evil
> > jews.  There is an "absolute" difference between the Talmud and the Holy
> > Bible.  Even though many feminazis, jews, niggers, Mexicans, muds, and
> > "liberals" may disagree, every successful religion, race, culture,
> > and ethnic group accepts as an absolute that intentionally and
> > killing a human baby is a crime.  The creation of humankind by God was
> > absolute good, as is the functioning of the universe and the solar
> Er, um, do you realize how contradictory you sound here, John?  Within
> the same breath, you speak with hatred of other groups of humans yet
> claim that the "creation of humankind was good".  What are you
> implying here, John?

The only thing "contradictory" here is your inability to comprehend the
written word which leads to your attempt to "interpret" everything in your
own biased and distorted perspective.

> Which is besides the point, though.  IMHO the biggest misguided belief
> the monotheists maintain is that everything God created is all "good".
>  ...OK, so who created tapeworms, viruses, centipedes, tornadoes,
> poisonous snakes, etc.?

Each creation is necessary to balance out the entire universe.  You might
not appreciate why tapeworms are necessary or beneficial or mandatory, but
that's only because you're ignorant of the grand plan (not to mention plain

> ...No,no -- like many if not most creative types, God is jealous,
> selfish, moody, temperamental and often quite difficult to please (as
> evidenced by the Old Testament).  In fact, I'd imagine He's probably
> manic-depressive.  But, that's within his rights as our creator.
> ...It doesn't matter whether or not God is absolutely good, but it's
> why us humans have to bend over backwards playing nicety-nice to him.

These are human emotions which not even animals or rocks or grass possess.
The only evidence you have that God may have human emotions is the Holy
Bible which states that God created Adam "in his image".

Do you think that constitutes proof that God Himself has human emotions?


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