brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > >Imagine men having sex with other men, and women having sex with
> > > >women, and men and women having sex with animals, and then having sex
> > with
> > > >each other.  Life is one huge orgasm for these feral people.  This is
> > > >exactly why God shows us His condemnation of adulterous and/or
> homosexual
> > > >sex by visiting AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, social and
> > > >dysfunctions, and mental illness, upon those who practice such filthy
> > > >desires.
> > >
> > > So THIS is why you have social and sexual dysfunction and mental
> > > illness?  Because you "practice the filthy desire of "imagining men
> > > having sex with other men and ..."?
> > >
> >
> > Isn't it funny how "wiberals" can't ever comprehend even the simplest of
> > points?
> You always resort to insults when you have nothing of use to say.

Who's using the insulting language, and who's stating a simple fact, Shallow

Here's lojbab accusing a Christian of "social and sexual dysfunction and
mental illness" simply because he spoke out against feral people, but that's

But to you "wiberals", calling someone the "wiberal" that they are is
"always resort to

Do you deny that lojbab is a "wiberal"?  Is that why you think this is an
"insult"?  Do you think that this "wiberal" accusing a Christian of "social
and sexual dysfunction and mental illness" is a compliment?  Is that why you
ignored that insult?

> >
> > Did you really fail to understand his point, "wiberal", or are you just
> > trying your hand at "wiberal humor"?
> >
> > > >If you think that some guy just came up with over 700 laws, called
> > himself
> > > >God, and got a bunch of his buddies to follow him via Hollywood
> > effe
> > > >cts, the historical record bears witness against you.
> > >
> > > What historical record exists outside the Bible that confirms the
> > > Exodus story.
> >
> > What historical evidence do you have that it's wrong?
> >
> > None?
> >
> > Then it's a fact.
> No, it is not a fact.  There is no evidence to either direction;
> it is but an idea, a theory, a myth.  There would have to be irrefutable
> archeological evidence proving it happened, for it to be true.

When numerous credible people write about an event, and there's no
contradictory writing or evidence, then your denying that it's a fact is
tantamout to claiming that the only reason American 12th grade girls scored
lower on one third of the TIMSS questions than if they'd just guessed is
because the authors of TIMSS didn't know how to ask the right questions?

You have no evidence to refute this written eyewitness account, do you?

> >
> > >
> > > >and if God wasn't real, then the entire
> > > >of history post-year-1 A. C. E. is a wash and a fabrication.
> > >
> > > How would that be true.  Millions of people have had a history
> > > believing in religions that YOU think are false.  Do you claim that
> > > their history is a wash and a fabrication?
> > >
> >
> > 2 billion Christians around the world agree with Mr. August, and not
> > you "wiberals".  Another 1.2 billion Muslims substantially agree with
> > Even many of the 1 billion Hindus and Buddhists also agree with him.
> Ehm...excuse me?  You are a fundamentalist Christian.  How do you know
> what other religions believe, when you, yourself think their holy texts
> trash?  Don't presume to know what you have yet to learn.

Your powers of observation, as exhibited by your "women's intuition", which
is the only known factor behind American 12th grade girls' scoring lower on
ONE THIRD of the TIMSS questions than if they'd just guessed, are failing
you once again.  iow, you are so far off the mark that it's not even worth
beginning to try to explain it to you.

Just remember that your above statement is DEAD WRONG.

> > You could take all Americans who agree with you "wiberals" and put them
> all
> > on a boat and ship them all off to Madagascar--which we should.
> Yeah, that's your plan, isn't it.  I saw that on your website - the
> "manifest" for Madagascar.  What a joke.  Who declared you supreme ruler?
> You're nothing more than dirt under the feet of self-respecting people.

Of the 2,000 who've responded to the poll so far, 85% want to exile the jews
to Madagascar.  What's so difficult to understand about that?

It's a lot nicer than what "American" and "Israeli" "jews" want to do to
Iraqis, wouldn't you say? Or what they're currently doing to fellow
Christians and Muslims in Palestine, eh?  Or what they did to Jesus Christ
and St. Paul, right?

> >
> > >   If Jesus
> > > >Christ wasn't literally born into this world to have a profound
> influence
> > > >upon it, to the point where we now mark our calendars based on His
> birth,
> > > >then the entire Christian religion is a huge sham and lie for which
> > millions
> > > >have been hopelessly martyred, with no eternal reward.
> > >
> > > It wouldn't be the first or last religion for which millions have been
> > > hopelessly martyred.  How about 6 million Jews in the Holocaust for
> > > example?
> > >
> > > lojbab
> >
> > According to JEWISH sources, there were 4% MORE jews after WWII than
> > were before.  Where, then, did these "6 million Jews in the Holocaust"
> come
> > from?  Outer space?  The Middle Of The Earth?
> >
> Oh here we go, he's denying the Holocaust.  I'm not surprised.  Here's
> sites that clearly refute your trumped-up statistics:
> ...and so many more.

None of which addresses the question of why there were 15.75 million jews in
the world in 1948 AFTER WWII, and only 15.2 million BEFORE the war, an
increase of 550,000 jews, according to JEWISH sources, do they?

Nor do they mention that 48 million CHRISTIANS died in WWII, which is 8
times as many jews as the holocaust LIARS claim were "holocausted", and
infinitely as many as really died.

Why didn't you mention that?  How many more CHRISTIANS than jews do you
believe died in WWII?

> >
> > Why are you continuing to promote this most infamous of all jewish LIES,
> > long after it's been proven to be a jewish LIE, lojbab?
> Because you are the only one who thinks it's a lie.  Poor baby, do you
> really feel that insignificant?  Shouting will not alter history.

Most Americans don't believe this jewish LIE, Shallow Dunce.  Most Americans
don't believe a single word a jew has ever written, and for good reason.

> >
> > What's in it for you?  Are you a jew?  Do you just enjoy LYING.
> >
> > It seems that the "wiberal" religion is centered around the promotion of
> the
> > biggest LIES that jews can create.  Why is that?
> It seems that when you don't get your way, out come the accusations.
> Really, JK, you should stop that; it makes you look like an infant.
> >
> > We need a new category of crime in the US.  We need to establish a
> > penalty for CHRONIC HOLOCAUST LIARS.  It should be part of the Patriot
> Act:
> > "any foreign or domestic enemy who continues to promote the holocaust
> > after being advised of the facts is guily of domestic terrorism and
> be
> > sentenced to 8 years in Harlem, 16 years in Madagascar, or both."
> >
> > John Knight
> Oh, here we go.  Ship people off to Madagascar.  Kill anyone that doesn't
> agree with you.

Are you suggesting that we should add a new category to the Madagascar Poll?
Are you saying that some people might not be responding to the poll because
it doesn't ask if jews ought to be killed rather than exiled?  Or are you
suggesting that exiling jews to Madagascar is tantamount to killing them?
Do you believe jews are so infantile-like that they can't survive in the
wilds of Madagascar without a little "foreign aid" from this CHRISTIAN

Is this an admission that you know the only reason the "jews" are surviving
in "Israel" is because of our welfare funding, through "foreign aid"?

> John, you are a very dangerous individual.  Perhaps I should notify the
> about you, because what you're proposing amounts to native, home-grown
> terrorism.
> The Shadow Dancer

You're right about one thing.  The FBI should be contacted and warned that
the 200 Mossad agents who were caught red-handed during 911 need to be
extradited back to the US and prosecuted as SPIES.  That they need to uphold
American and not Israeli law.  That they work for this CHRISTIAN nation and
not some "jewish" nation in the Middle-East.

Great idea, Shallow Dunce.  Nobody thought you had it in you.

John Knight

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