brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Thu Aug 15 10:52:58 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
> "Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at> wrote in message
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>>>Mr. Jefferson was RIGHT, and the fools like you who call him an "infidel"
>>>are WRONG.  LIARS like Billy Graham are DEAD WRONG,
>>So Billy Graham and those who believe like him are no Christians, even
>>though they also have said many times "I am a Christian"?
>>>Why would Billy Graham LIE?
>>Why do you lie?  That is more to the point.
> So you don't see any difference between Billy Graham who is known to have
> LIED, and Mr. Jefferson who NEVER lied?

*L* He was a politician, they all lie at some point in time. Some just don't get caught.

> You must be a jew.  

Nope, I'm Pagan, although I can't speak for Mr. LeChevalier.

>Nobody else is incapable of making the distinction.

Really? You must be nobody else then. We aren't talking about Mr. Jefferson.

> Even "wiberals" and feminazis can can probably make some kind of a
> distinction here.
> Do you REALLY "think" that Graham was a Christian, just because he said "I
> am a Christian", 

You are claiming that Mr. Jefferson was because he said such. Why doesn't that work for Billy Graham?

>even though he LIED on national TV, was the cousin of
> Katherine Graham (the "jewess" who owned the Washington Post), proclaimed
> that "Jesus was a jew" (the biggest jewish LIE of all time), 

But he was! Just ask the Bible!

>and was
> precisely the type of hypocritical NON-Christian which Mr. Jefferson and
> Jesus Christ and His Twelve Disciples, and the rest of the Holy Bible, all
> warned us about?
> Odd.
> John Knight

Yes, you are odd, Mr. Knight.

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