brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> > > What historical record exists outside the Bible that confirms the
<> > > Exodus story.
<> >
<> > What historical evidence do you have that it's wrong?
<> >
<> > None?
<> >
<> > Then it's a fact.
<> No, it is not a fact.  There is no evidence to either direction; therefore
<> it is but an idea, a theory, a myth.  There would have to be irrefutable
<> archeological evidence proving it happened, for it to be true.
<When numerous credible people write about an event, 

Well, I suppose that technically speaking, "one" is a number.  I assume
you're not pulling in Charlton Heston and Cecil B. DeMille too?

<and there's no
<contradictory writing or evidence, then your denying that it's a fact is
<tantamout to claiming that the only reason American 12th grade girls 


The Egytptians were compulsive record keepers -- a good idea in 
a country where the property lines of your most important real
estate get washed away every year.  A country with a formal
system of scribes, and a climate that preserved enormous
amounts of their written material.

Don't you think that if the rivers turned to blood and every
family lost a son, all on the same night, followed by a 
not inconsiderable portion of the labor force taking to 
their heels -- someone might have thought to jot down a
note about it?  

Somehow, they seem not to have noticed.

<lower on one third of the TIMSS questions than if they'd just guessed is
<because the authors of TIMSS didn't know how to ask the right questions?
<You have no evidence to refute this written eyewitness account, do you?

And you have no evidence to refute the written eyewitness accounts
that the Bab was fired upon by a 750-man firing squad, but could
not be killed until He Himself allowed it.  This was only 150
years ago, not several thousand.  Do you believe that too?

I don't.

-- cary

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