brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >I understood the number to be closer to 15 million...but that may have
> >included gays, cripples, and the elderly, too.
> 6 million is the number of Jews alone.  The nincompoop is in the right
> ballpark for the total numbers killed by the Nazis in WWII.  The total
> killed in WWII in all theaters has estimated as high as 85 million,
> with most estimates in the 50-60 million range.  The Soviet Union lost
> 20-40 million (on top of perhaps a similar number killed or starved by
> Stalin in the decade before the war but not considered part of the
> war).
> gives one statistical breakdown of the deaths.
> gives several estimates
> broken down and with sources.  It also compares with other mass
> murders of the century and of history.
> lojbab

And for the benefit for morons like Shallow Dunce who can't multiply or
divide, at the very BEST, even IF "6 million jews died in the holocaust",
even IF each and every world almanac was off by 6.5 million jews, even IF
the jews couldn't even count the number of jews after WWII to within plus or
minus 8 million, then up to FOURTEEN TIMES AS MANY CHRISTIANS  as jews died
in WWII.

But, the numbers you believe Stalin are responsible for are NOT credible.
Russians themselves attribute 25-50 million deaths to the jews Trotsky and
Lenin, not to the Christian Stalin.

John Knight

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