The Evolution of the Brain

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> What follows are my notes and comments on a Scientific American series book on
> the evolution of the brain.  I would recommend reading them carefully and
> patiently, for I have tried to make some important points as simply as
> possible.  I have condensed more than 150 pages of material:
> At the ends of the billions of neurons in your brain are branches called
> dendrites that look like trees (dendron is Greek for tree).  At the ends of
> these dendrite branches are chemical receptors.  The gaps between the dendrites
> of different neurons are called synapses.  Neurons send chemical messages to
> each other across these gaps.
> The neocortex is just as much a unique defining feature of mammals as the
> mammary glands.  Since early mammals were warm-blooded small predators with
> high metabolism, they required large amounts of food and were constantly under
> the threat of starvation.  The neocortex stores complex information about the
> environment so that the mammal can readily find the food and other resources
> needed for survival.

Jesus Christ, dude, not to burst your bubble or anything, but most of 
us were absorbing the more interesting & pragmatic bits of this kind of
data way back when you were still infatuated with Castaneda's early works 
of psuedo-fictional phenomenology.  Where you saw nothing but "tonal" & 
"nagual" & "sorcery", we were measuring "men who mistook their wives for 
their hats!" Sheesh! Then you saw the error of your ways, net-published 
a big old whupp-ass on Cleargreen's mindfuck (to your everlasting credit), 
and like all true-believers-scorned who then establish a scorched-earth 
policy toward their former infatuations, get it out of their system, and 
move on the wiser for it, you, instead, maintained your same old holier-
than-thou punk-ass-bitch attitude as if you were light years beyond all 
mere mortals. You'll never change (get it) until the known, unknown &
unknowable righteously and unmistakenly tweaks your bulbous clown nose: 
"HONK!" [Re-invent & recapitulate the wheel all you like, please, it's fun, 
just do it with the realization that thou ain't the first upon these vigin 
shores...] Later -- Limerent Mollusk

...And what do the humans "do" with their fabulous neurons?

Depends on their early toilet training, of course, to wit:

"... The Islamic groups that are committed to violence have 
 stripped into tiny little groups of about 30 people each. 
  They don't know a great deal about each other. So if you
   eliminated one, another one would operate somewhere else. 
    They are spread throughout the Middle East in the Islamic 
     world. They are unafraid. I remember a former Jordanian 
      prime minister saying, 'How do you frighten someone who 
       thinks he's going to heaven if you chop his head off?' 
        It's a good question. If they are willing to sacrifice 
         themselves, then they will be able to carry out 


Federation of American Scientists:
"Bush Administration Documents on Secrecy Policy"


Pentagon Metro Entrance Facility Project

The Whitehouse
president at
vice.president at
first.lady at
mrs.cheney at

National Nuclear Security Administration
Field Offices & facilities:
National Security Agency
Attn: IAD Business Affairs Office, V14
9800 Savage Road, Suite 6740
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6740

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The C.I.A. Factbook on Intelligence

Vatican Information Services

The Kremlin
president at

Sandia National Laboratories

Contact Interpol

The House of Saud, or the:
Saudi Arabian Information Resource
sair at

Shi'a Network International
P.O. Box 15893
Cincinnati, OH 45215 
Info at

Frontline, a Public Broadcasting Station investigative program.
See the interview with: Said K. Aburish              
frontline at

Department of Defense

Homeland Security
(State International Information Programs)

Some Additional Notes:

Imam Al-Mahdi (atfs)
Compare, Frank Herbert's "Dune"

Abu Hamza al-Masri & Supporters of Shariah
arabgateway at

The Muslim Directory online
info at

Sexual Encounters in the Middle East:
 The British, the French & the Arabs

British-Yemeni Society
julian at

CAABU: Council for the Advancement of 
Arab-British Understanding
caabu at

Leigh Douglas Memorial Fund
Grants for Yemeni Studies
venetia at
info at

Yemeni Development Foundation
admin at

Timeline to Global Governance

BUSH Erodes Individual Sovereignty
Planned Volunteer-Informant
Corps Elicits '1984' Fears
By Ellen Sorokin 

     "As part of the country's war against terrorism, the Bush
administration by next month wants to recruit a million letter
carriers, utility workers and others whose jobs allow them
access to private homes into a contingent of organized
government informants." [Cont...]

United States Department of Justice
Al Qaeda Training Manual
 Office of the
Attorney General
 John Ashcroft


Schedule of Upcoming Extremist Events for 2002

 "Among the projects worked on during this 
  time were joint projects with WACKENHUT,
    a company loaded with former CIA and NSA 
    personnel and business ventures with the 
   Saudi Arabian royal family and other unusual 
  projects. A joint venture with Southern 
 California Edison will soon be generating 
power for bio-mass drawn from local waste 
 outlets. Biological warfare projects were 
 investigated with Stormont laboratories
   looking into the creation of pathogenic 
  viruses' and enhanced fuel-air explosive
weapons were created and tested in 
league with Meridian Arms at the NEVADA
  TESTING RANGE which matched the explosive 
   power of nuclear devices. These enhanced 
    weapons gained their power from polarizing the 
     molecules in the gas cloud by modification of 
     the electric field, a technology developed from 
     exploring Thomas Townsend Brown's
    suppressed work, a knowledge which 
   Riconosciuto claims he gained from working at 
LEAR in Reno, Nevada. Riconosciuto is said to 
 have worked on the enhanced fuel-air explosive 
  weapons with Gerald Bull of Space Research
   Corporation. Bull, now deceased, later became 
   an arms advisor to Saddam Hussein. It is said 
  that Hussein possesses the FAE technology."

"... "In pre-Islamic days, called the Days of Ignorance,
 the religious background of the Arabs was pagan, and 
 basically animistic. ..."
 "According to some (apparently different) sources such as
"... Muhammad's uncle was one of the resident priests of the 
Shiv temple known as 'Kaaba'. ... this glorious Hindu temple 
was made to symbolically represent a microcosm of the 
universe. ... Right at the centre of the Kaaba
was the octogonal pedestal of Bramha the creator. ...
Muhammad destroyed all 360 idols,
but even he could not summon the courage to
completely obliterate the Shivling in the Kaaba. ...
"... Today it [the Shivling] lies broken at seven places 
and held together by a silver band studded with silver 
nails, bearing the name 'Sangey Aswad' which came from 
the Sanskrit Ashwet meaning non-white or black stone.
[...]  From the Hindu point of view, it is Shiva's lingham, 
 or phallic symbol. [...]
"The status of women was that of pride and equal respect.
"Kali: the bloodthirsty wife of Shiva, with 
blue-black body, four arms, using a human skull 
as a cup.  Her color symbolizes eternal night of 
non-existence, free of illusion and distinction. 
She wears a garland of the heads of impure 
thoughts, which She has severed from the 
personalities of Her devotees."
 "The Shivling is the sacred meteorite. [...]  
 From the Hindu point of view, it is Shiva's lingham, 
 or phallic symbol. [...]
 "More material and pictures about such things on webpage:
 "Although the above is not widely known in Eurocentric societies,
 it is common knowledge in India, and indicates some of the history
 and depth of feeling that is involved in the Muslim-Hindu conflicts
 between Pakistan and India."
 "... Muhammad received his first revelation in 
 610, on the mountain of Hira outside Mecca. The 
 revelation came in a time when Muhammad searched 
 for solitude. ..."
"According to a xenohistorian.faithweb web page:

"... Mohammed stayed [in Mecca in 615] because 
his family connections protected him ... He came 
into the courtyard of the Kaaba and suggested 
that the gods and goddesses of Mecca might be 
real after all, serving as saints or angels to 
mediate between God and man. ... These are the 
so-called "Satanic verses" that have caused much 
controversy among scholars of Islam. ... They 
[the Meccan establishment] enthusiastically 
received his [Mohammed's] recantation, but when 
he [Mohammed] saw the reaction he repented ... 
He [Mohammed] said that the devil had momentarily 
possessed his tongue, and denounced idolatry more 
vigorously than before. ...".
  by Noshir H. Dadrawala
[...] "The chief divine figure of the Yazidi is 
Malak Taus ('Peacock Angel'), worshipped in the form 
of a peacock. He rules the universe with six other 
angels, but all seven are subordinate to the supreme 
God, who has had no direct interest in the universe 
since he created it. The seven angels are worshipped 
by the Yazidi in the form of seven bronze or iron 
peacock figures called sanjaq, the largest of which 
weighs nearly 700 pounds." [...]
Paranoia magazine's Fall 2002 issue (#30), available 
now, contains an excerpt from "The Mysterious Brotherhood" 
chapter of Acharya S' book "Suns of God:  Krishna, Buddha 
and Christ Unveiled."
The excerpt/article is scholarly yet accessible; those 
with an interest in Christian origins will not be 
disappointed.  The article in Paranoia, which can be 
obtained at , is 
entitled, "The Pagan Origins of the Christian Mysteries."
Mid East Realities TV:
Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy
by Robert Anton Wilson 
© 1979, available from Dell Paperbacks
US DoD push for laser, microwave weapons

In its FY 2004 Defence Planning Guidance, the 
US Department of Defense calls on the US Air 
Force (USAF) to plan for directed-energy (DE) 
weapons within a decade. Industry officials 
say the technology exists to support those 

USAF eyes relay mirrors to extend range of lasers
DoD plan seeks more investment in laser weapons

Did You Know...?

That according to the Army FM 42-414; 
SUPPORT defines

Directed energy mission-kill is the use of electromagnetic energy, 
such as visible light, infrared, millimeter waves, microwaves, 
or x-rays, to disable susceptible military targets by damaging or 
destroying a critical component of the military target.

Antimateriel Effects
Mission-kill effects to materiel include inducement of mechanical 
damage, overheating of components, inducement of electrical 
currents, or inducement of other effects to cause a variety of 
types of damage or system malfunction.

Antipersonnel Effects

Directed energy mission-kill antipersonnel effects cover 
a very wide range.

Sources of Directed Energy Mission-Kill Effects

Directed energy mission-kill effects can occur in training or 
combat. Effects in training or combat can occur when susceptible 
personnel or equipment are accidentally exposed by getting too 
close to nonweapons-directed energy sources such as radio 
transmitters, radars, electronic warfare jamming devices, 
television transmitters, television or communications microwave 
relays, laser range finders, laser designators, laser jammers, 
and similar devices. Some of these mission-kill effects are also 
sometimes technically categorized as electromagnetic interference 
or electromagnetic effects. Directed energy warfare is the use of 
and defense against directed energy weapons and devices in combat. 
Mission kill is one of a very large continuum of DEW effects on 
targets. The large variety of DEW target effects are used to
provide a very wide range of combat functions including the 
following: detection of targets, illumination of targets to 
supplement night-viewing systems, identification and 
classification of targets, disruption of target function or 
mission, damage of targets, and destruction of targets. 
Examples of directed energy mission-kill devices include 
hand-held, crew-served, or vehicular-mounted laser devices 
and vehicular-mounted or artillery-delivered radio frequency 
The 10-Mile Laser

by Don Slater
"... Lasers & Electro
Optical Systems of The Boeing
Company is playing a leading role in the development of systems 
that will perform these missions.

"One of the newest concepts is the Airborne Tactical Laser (ATL), 
which is seeking to join the Space Based Laser (SBL) and the high 
altitude Airborne Laser (ABL) in moving from laboratory 
technology validation to government-sponsored concept 
demonstration and ultimately to operational capability." [...]

          by Manuel Cereijo

"It is a concern in the scientific community the proliferation 
of RF weapon technologies. Compact explosive driven RF munitions 
can be used against a variety of targets including land mines, 
sea skimming missiles, and Telecommunications Systems. 
The Soviet Union had a large diverse RF weapons program and 
remnants of this work continue today within FSU countries 
and Cuba." [...]
Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, former VOA director, confirmed as new 
chairman of Broadcating Board of Governors, overseeing all 
USG-supported,  non-military, international broadcasting.
RADIO IN KABUL | Text of report in English 
by Radio Netherlands "Media Network" web 
site on 6 August 

A Germany-funded radio station, Voice of Freedom, started broadcasts 
to Kabul in Dari and Pashto on 4 August 2002. Programming on the FM 
station includes news, music, features and language courses. The 
station is based in the German military camp to the east of Kabul. 
German experts have trained two Afghan newsreaders and several 
technicians to work for the station. 

Richard Hunsicker, spokesman for the German forces, says that the 
running costs of 2,000 US dollars a month come from the German 
military budget. The station was officially opened by Afghan Minister 
of Information and Culture, Sayed M. Rahin. Source: Radio Netherlands 
"Media Network" web site, Hilversum, in English 6 Aug 02
Defense Space Doctrine
Unocal & Afghanistan

"This campaign is not about the United States,
it is not even about 7,000 dead at the World 
Trade Center, it is really about the future of 
Islam, about 1.3 billion people ..."
  --General Wesley Clark 
(Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe)


> Stopping here due to length.  To be continued...
> -Jeremy

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