brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >The brain size and brain cell
> > count studies all show that men have a proportionately larger brain than
> > women,
> Bob, Shadow Dance, I've never heard of such a study, please point me to
somewhere that ISN'T

Actually, statistically speaking, a male brain is larger than the average
female's, only because males have more muscle mass than the average woman.
It is theorized that the 'excess' brain cells are devoted to the extra
muscle mass.

Where it counts isn't in the number of braincells, but in the percentage
used, and the way they are used.  T9W provided some very interesting
information on this very subject, earlier in this thread.

One thing I remember reciting (and correcting myself on) was the subject of
the corpus callosum which separates the hemispheres of the brain.  Men are
primarily left-brain when it comes to tasks requiring thought, and the
neural firing across their corpus callosum (when it occurs) is infrequent -
almost as though it is damaged.  Women, on the other hand, utilize both
sides of their brains, and there is free communication between both
hemispheres across the corpus callosum.

I am leaving bionet.neuroscience on this particular reply, because there are
likely folks there who can shed more light on this than I ever could.

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