brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> In alt.religion.wicca, "brain sizes: Einstein's  and women's"
> >> Look at it this way, a politician can't come into alt.religion.wicca
> >> establish Christianity like I, Mr. Knight, or any other Christian can.
> >> Politicians have to take care in not breaking the Constitution which
> >> swear to uphold. Incidently, they have one hand on the Bible during the
> >> Oath of office ceremony.  At the conclusion of that ceremony they say
> >> help me God".
> >>
> >> Jd
> >>
> >> "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be
> >> against us?" - Apostle Paul
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Actually, Jd, at the time Mr. Jefferson insisted that "free exercise of
> >religion" be included in a "Bill of Rights", and at the time he insisted
> >that the word "Christianity" be included in the Virginia Constitution
> >it still is), it was probably much easier for a politician to express his
> >religious beliefs, than it is for you or I or most Christians in the US
> >do it today.
> Good point.  You're right in that a political leader should set an example
> in the "free exercise thereof" concerning religion.  And you're right
> in that it probably far harder today to do so with all theses whiners
> around.

It's these whiners who're doing their best to make sure no Christian in this
country can exercise his religion, which makes them a worse threat to this
nation than all 1.2 billion Muslims in the world (even IF they were behind
911, which is impossible).

> >
> >This level of anti-Christianity is unbelievable, really.  It's something
> >they never could have foreseen, otherwise all of our Founding Forefathers
> >would have agreed with Mr. Jefferson that the wording in the US
> >should have included the word "Christianity" in particular, just as it is
> >the Virginia Constitution, rather than just this vague reference to
> >"religion".
> >
> Well, they could form a cabinet level office like they did with the
> Homeland defense and call it "Homeland Ministry of Religion".
> As you point out the level of anti-Christianity ought not be the way it
> especially in light of recent terrorist activities.  One would think these
> anti-christs are on the side of the Islamic nations who pray for our
> destruction every day.

Their's is the worst form of terrorism.  Even IF 19 Muslims managed to take
down the WTC and Pentagon (even with 6 of them still being alive and well in
Saudi Arabia ), that says *nothing* about
the other 1.3 billion who seem to understand OUR problem with the jews far
better than most Americans do.

> Like Mr. Bush said "either you're with us, or you're with the terrorists".
> I think he really meant that.  Only time will tell if the government will
> have to step in and clamp down on all this anti-christ sentiment.
> Jd

It must.  It cannot continue.  It interferes in everybody's religion, even
jews and Muslims, and it must cease, right now.

Not even Cuban or Russian or Chinese OR JEWISH children are prohibited from
saying a spoken prayer to God in their classrooms.  How "liberals" in the US
could possibly claim that "free exercise of religion" means the right of the
state to prohibit spoken CHRISTIAN prayer in public schools is something our
Founding Forefathers could never understand.  For almost two centuries,
American children DID have free exercise of religion, but then Americans
suddenly seemed to get STUPID in 1961, and reversed the entire positive

It was like grabbing the Golden Goose by the neck, twisting it's head
around, and shooting it between the eyes with a 100 megaton nuclear

John Knight

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