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Fri Aug 16 18:37:59 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
> It must.  It cannot continue.  It interferes in everybody's religion, even
> jews and Muslims, and it must cease, right now.
> Not even Cuban or Russian or Chinese OR JEWISH children are prohibited from
> saying a spoken prayer to God in their classrooms.  

*sinks down to JK's level* YOU FUCKING DUMB ASS! Do you not understand that Communism's very 
existance decries ANY RELIGION? Communism is SUPPOSED to be the religion of the people!

To qoute directly:

"A society's economic system determines it culture, art, religion, philosophy, and so on. In 
consequence, almost all of the evils of capitalist civilization can be blamed upon the existence of 
the capitalist system. This is the of elastic clause in the Marxian system, which allows almost any 
patent evil - even evils which have existed in nearly every human society - to be blamed upon 
capitalism. After all, "What else does the history of ideas prove, than that intellectual production 
changes its character in proportion as material production is changed? The ruling ideas of each age 
have ever been the ideas of its ruling class." Does religion delude the masses? It is due to 
capitalism. Prostitution? Due to capitalism. Envy, alienation, war... all due to capitalism. Indeed, 
every unforeseen social evil has an obvious scapegoat upon which it can be blamed. "

Russian Orthodoxy is controlled by the government, free will is no longer allowed to be exercised. 
To qoute again:

"But in Byzantium, the Orthodox Church was virtually a bureau of the central government. The 
Byzantines transmitted their religion and its tradition to the Russians - including the tradition of 
utter dependence of the church upon the state. Peter the Great re-organized the church to 
immortalize this dependent relationship:

[Peter] deprived the patriarch of Moscow of his privilege of controlling the ecclesiastical 
organization and vested all powers of church government in a body, called the Holy Synod, whose 
members were bishops and whose chief was a layman, all chosen by the tsar himself. No appointment to 
ecclesiastical office could henceforth be made without the approval of the Holy Synod; no sermon 
could be preached and no book could be published unless it had received the sanction of that august 
Carlton Hayes, A Political and Social History of Modern Europe

The czarist state dominated the Orthodox Church, but by making its priests into government 
employees, it won their loyalty and obedience. With one swoop, the state cemented an alliance with 
Russia's intellectual class. The intelligentsia thus were not independent critics of the state, but 
its hired apologists; or as de Custine remarked, "This Byzantine religion, emerging from a palace to 
establish order in a military encampment, cannot fulfill the highest needs of the human soul, but 
merely assists the police in deceiving the people... Shephards who are slaves can only lead barren 
spirits: an Orthodox priest will never teach is flock anything except to bow to force.""

So here is your precious religion being used (until recently) by the Russians (which you talk about 
in such nice terms, even though they have only started the process of Democracy and true freedom in 
the past 10-15 years).

Although I can't speak on the present state of Russian school's with any authority, I'm sure it 
hasn't changed much. Change is feared and a good portion of the citenzary are trying to re-elect 
Communists into government because that is what they are comfortable with. My grandparents lived 
under Communist rule until they fled to this country (and became naturalized citizens), and bore my 
aunt, uncle, and father.

To qoute again:

"The czarist alliance of Church and State foreshadowed the Communist system in two crucial respects. 
The Communist state, like the czarist state, created a kept class of intellectual apologists to 
inculcate its rigid dogma; instead of priests, these were the Party theoreticians, lecturers, 
professors, journalists, and writers. And while the Communists initially waged war against all forms 
of religion, it did not take them long before they restored the priests of the Orthodox Church to 
the government's payroll and the government's service."

Of course they couldn't deny the people the illusion of religion. That would only cause revolt 
against the government and cause a slip in power which they feared, as all despots and tyrants fear.

You know, the more I read about Communism and Marx's take on it (as well as Lenin's and the others 
profiled at the above site), the more JK sounds like a Communist (a political and socio-economic 
movement started by a person of Jewish descent). I mean, he seems to sway between Lenin and Marxist 
ideal's (and even some of the Czarist totaltarianism in religious choice) for what a perfect world 
would be (that is to say, along with the Communist control of the Orthodox church).

Of course after reading the site more indepth, I just KNOW that JK is going to use this to his own 
advantage. *shrugs* Go figure. Never would have thought that someone so anti-semitic would prescribe 
to the views of a movement started BY a Jewish man (yes, Karl Marx was Jewish AND prescribed to 
anti-Semitic views as well).

>How "liberals" in the US
> could possibly claim that "free exercise of religion" means the right of the
> state to prohibit spoken CHRISTIAN prayer in public schools 

I must not be liberal 'cause I'm all for STUDENT LED prayer in school (especially if it's not FORCED 
upon anyone).

>is something our
> Founding Forefathers could never understand.  

I guess we'll never know unless you let us borrow your time machine. You seem to have a real 
personal relationship with our Founding Fathers.

>For almost two centuries,
> American children DID have free exercise of religion, but then Americans
> suddenly seemed to get STUPID in 1961, and reversed the entire positive
> cycle.

You can blame atheists who didn't want their children exposed to prayer (which is their right, what 
ISN'T their right is to prevent others from freely practicing their own religion in a manner that is 
voluntary on all participants). If you remember your own statistics, atheists only make up 4% of the 
population. I'm sure you can get them all in one fell swoop once your American Inquisition starts.

> It was like grabbing the Golden Goose by the neck, twisting it's head
> around, and shooting it between the eyes with a 100 megaton nuclear
> explosive.

Do you speak from personal experience?

You know, John. You should really run for political office (say President) and see how many of the 
nations "264 Million White Christian Isrealites" vote for you and your ideal's. I'd rather put 
Clinton back in office (of course we could always vote his wife in).

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