brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

The 9th Witch Thec at
Fri Aug 16 19:53:39 EST 2002

On Sat, 17 Aug 2002 00:29:27 GMT, "Richard C. August"
<raugust at> yelled from the fourth floor ward window, and
subsequently was sedated:

*>Dear Group,
*>Does anyone here know the real, original meaning of the word
*>Biblically speaking, it means "burnt offering", meaning an offering
unto God
*>on a hallowed altar, made by a Priest, and totally consumed in the
*>unto the last ash.
*>Burnt offerings were never eaten, and were never killed in any other
*>than draining the blood from the neck or carotid artery, sometimes
*>the animal's neck, then either waving it above and/or simply placing
it onto
*>the altar to be completely burned, after sprinkling the animal's
blood at
*>the altar's appropriate place.
*>To even call this a HOLOCAUST is another JEWISH perversion.  Many of
*>persons who were killed were NOT burned.  No altars were ever
*>Any bodies which were cremated were cremated because of disease.
Many of
*>the bodies were simply buried in mass graves, unburned.
*>The Jews not only lie to us.  They also lie to themselves, and they
*>their own lies, as part of their religion!!!
*>So, who can believe the 6 million BURNED CORPSES lie, when the Nazis
*>constructed NO ALTARS on which to burn them, had NO PRIESTS to
conduct the
*>ceremonies, and when most of the victims' necks were UNMOLESTED?
*>Richard C. August

Doesn't make them any less dead, does it?


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