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Dear OhSojourner,

What the Nazis did was NEVER a good thing.

You see, for the "six million Jews" that were "killed" in the "holocaust"
(read my earlier post regarding the real meaning of that word), there were
not only a 4% INCREASE in the Indo-European Jewish population according to
Jewish sources, but 40 million CHRISTIANS were also BRUTALLY MURDERED whilst
DEFENDING THEIR OWN HOMES.  That's a ratio of 6.66 Christians per Jew

You once again misunderstand Mr. Knight's posts because of your crass
overemotionalism.  Please, calm down, settle yourself, and read what Mr.
Knight and I have had to say in a rational manner to you and others.


Richard C. August

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> [...]
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> > Mr. Knight: the measure of success goes BEYOND merely having the
> > ability to score well on a test. What the TIMSS test DOESN'T measure
> > are *other* highly important factors such as: motivation, enthusiasm,
> > discipline, willingness to work hard, ability to work well with
> > people, interest in subject matter, ideas, inspiration, creativity,
> > etc.
> >
> > You wrote:
> >
> > >Women got 4% of the patents last year, and my bet is that 95% of
> >  those
> > >SHOULD have gone to men.
> >
> > ...Apparently you feel you need to make guesses about even that 4%,
> > that somehow even the majority of those 4% couldn't possibly have done
> > it themselves. ...With of course, absolutely NO evidence other than
> > your fallacious guesswork based on a test which does NOT take other
> > factors into account such as insight, inspiration, and creativity. One
> > can possess these attributes independent of a working knowledge of
> > mathematices and physics, and I am assuming a patent is awarded to
> > ORIGINAL inventions, correct? ...Original inventions that were
> > original because someone was inspired with an IDEA, and that isn't
> > something that can be easily measured by test-taking.
> >
> > >Dead wrong. John Knight
> >
> > Admittedly I came into the thread late, and did not read all the way
> > back.  However, I think many of us here can remember this proposal you
> > authored:
> >
> >
> >
> > ...and this one:
> >
> ...Plus, according to what you wrote here, you seem to think that Nazi
> Germany was good thing:
> >
> > Now certainly, it is an injustice to force affirmative action/ 50-50
> > parity that excludes more capable and deserving individuals who happen
> > to be men. However, it doesn't help your argument when the motive
> > behind it seems to be one of overt sexism and bigotry.

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