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> Dear OhSojourner,
> What the Nazis did was NEVER a good thing.

Cute, that you try to hornswoggle folks with an
advance disclaimer before you try to put across
_another_ version of the tired, old "there never
was a Nazi slaughter of Europe's Jews" Big Lie.

Adults aren't buying your swill, bub.

> You see, for the "six million Jews" that were "killed"

Cute, you put the word killed in quotes -- as if you
don't really believe those six million Jews were
really killed.  Whaddya call it then, 'inconvenienced'?

> [...] there were not only a 4% INCREASE in the
> Indo-European Jewish population according to
> Jewish sources

But you can't account for a catastrophic plunge
in the Central European Jewish population, eh?

Nice try, but you ain't bamboozling any adults here, bub.

> but 40 million CHRISTIANS were also BRUTALLY

Aside: Overuse of all-caps shows "crass overemotionalism"
on your part.  Obviously when you accused dear OhSojourner
of such behavior you were projecting.  (Ever considered
getting a job in a cineplex?  Talent like yours should not
be wasted -- you're a natural projectionist.)

So were lots of Jews killed defending their own homes.
Somehow, tho', you overlook the special horror of all
those Good Christians turning their backs on their
Jewish neighbors -- even their Christian neighbors
who happened to be of ethnic jewish extraction --
as these non-combatants were rounded up for
systematic extermination on an industrial scale.

Thanks for illustrating, bub, that no matter what the
volume of brain you have, it's all rotted inside.

   Reality, what a concept!

   Robin Williams, stand up epistemologist

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