brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > discoveries would have STILL been made, those theories voiced, and our
> world changed. Look at Marie
> > > Curie, one of the more famous female scientists of the 19th Century(?).
> Our present understanding of
> > > X-rays is due to work she pioneered (and she was Polish to boot!).
> >
> > That was Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.  (discovering X-rays, not being
> > Polish) For an overview, see
> >
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> The only thing Marie Sklodowska discovered was how to convince a gentile
> scientist with radiation poisoning to marry her so she could take advantage
> of his weakened mental condition and convince him to give away half of his
> half of a Nobel Prize to her.

I understood they were married long before he got radiation poisoning.
ISTM she got half of that Nobel because of old male chivalry.  Nothing
to do with radiation poisoning or Jews/Gentiles.

> Marie and her daughter set the French so far behind in nuclear research that
> it's most likely she was part of a zionist plot to sabotage France

You know, I agree her accomplishments have been Feministly exaggerated
out of all proportion, but I certainly don't agree she set back France
or nuclear research.  AFAICT, she was a very capable assistant to
Pierre.  It's not a negative thing.

> ps--the jews raised hel. and called the French "anti-semites" when they
> refused to give her the positions they wanted her in.  How can the French be
> "anti-semites" unless she was a jew just like the rumors suggested she was?

I really don't care whether she was Jewish.

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