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"Officers Say U.S. Aided Iraq in War Despite Use of Gas", By PATRICK E. TYLER

"The Pentagon `wasn't so horrified by Iraq's use of gas,' said one veteran of the program. "It was just another way of killing people - whether with a bullet or phosgene, it didn't make any difference,' he said."

[Quote, above, Copyright 2002, by the New York Times.]

What this article discusses, coupled to what's currently going on re. Iraq, presents a strong example of the costs inherent in any endeavor to manufacture 'truth'.

But it's Impossible to "manufacture 'truth'"

'Moving away from' Truth constitutes a Thermodynamic-'sink-hole' that collapses under the energy-consumption 'weight' of its inherent inordinate-Waste.

Same thing happened in Afghanistan.

Truth is a Thermodynamic around which there is no way.

That doesn't mean Truth 'falls into your lap'.

Truth must be sought-out, through the doing of work.

But Truth maps the path of least-action.

So, if there's going to be a 'fight', first, make sure you 'fight' in-Truth.

Otherwise, Truth, itself, fights against you.

To the degree of such, efforts go exponentially to Waste.

[This discussion applies to all things Human be-cause the experientially-drived relative-familiarities that come to exist within disparate experientially-defined artificial 'boundaries' are, themselves, "manufactured 'truth'". NDT is all about seeing through the 'blindly'-automated 'deception' inherent within such. NDT's understanding enables, and fosters, 'climbing out of the 'blindly'-automated local TD E/I-minima that come to exist within such artificially-established 'boundaries'.

What NDT calls folks to only seems 'hard' because it's 'new' - unfamiliar, and the old, logn-familiar stuff, all accumulated during the course of haphazardly-accumulated experience is 'attractive' simply because its stuff has been so repetitivewly experienced.

But 'move toward' Truth, and one quickly relizes the relative-ease in doing so - be-cause there's not the terrible Waste that's inherent in "manufactured 'truth'". Clearly, America's Founders Intuited such. [It's easy to imagine them 'rolling-over-in-theri-graves' in these 'modern days'.]]

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