brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >Second of all, Mr. Jefferson didn't LIE, whereas Billy Graham created a
> >wholesale career out of LYING.
> Do I need to repeat the entire text of the letter yet again, in order
> to get you to respond to the fact that Jefferson explicitly and
> unambiguously rejects Paul and the bulk of the Bible in that letter?
> lojbab

Do we need to continue to repeat your absolutely most HYPOCRITICAL

"I know of many people who believe that Christianity is something different
from what you appear to believe it is.  I don't believe that anyone but God
is authorized to judge what is in our hearts, which is what determines
whether we are saved through Christ."

You are a LIAR, lojbab.  You're such an inveterate LIAR that you can't even
detect your own LIES.

You want everyone else in the world to follow your "principles" and
"commandments", except yourself.

What is it about you "wiberals" that you can't even practice what you

John Knight

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