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> > Dear OhSojourner,
> >
> > What the Nazis did was NEVER a good thing.
> At least we agree about that.
> >
> > You see, for the "six million Jews" that were "killed" in the
> > (read my earlier post regarding the real meaning of that word), there
> > not only a 4% INCREASE in the Indo-European Jewish population according
> > Jewish sources,
> Baby booms after war time are a proving fact, even among Christians.

This increase occurred DURING WWII, at a time when the rest of Europe was
decimated by 12.5%.  And baby booms take decades to make up for a 40%
reduction in the world population of jews, which is what Slimey Wiesenthal
claims happened.

> >but 40 million CHRISTIANS were also BRUTALLY MURDERED whilst
> War sucks, doesn't it?

And the jews did it.

> And the homes of others because they did not want to live under the
tyranny of Adolf Hitler.

Most of them were German civilian Christians who detested Hitler and the
jews far more than you can imagine.

> >That's a ratio of 6.66 Christians per Jew
> > killed.
> So .ucking what? In Japan, two whole cities were laid to waste with one
bomb each yet you don't hear
> them blaming today's society, or the Jews, or any other ethnic group. I
bet you can't imagine what
> it's like to be vaporized. I bet you can't imagine what those two cities
are probably having to go
> through because of lingering radiation.

Atom bombs were responsible for only 4% of the Japanese deaths during WWII,
and my bet is that you have not a clue what happened to the other 96%.

> WWII was supposed to be the war to end all wars, yet hatred,
> greed (from all parties), and racisim still exist because of people like
you and Mr. Knight,
> propogating your culture of hate and fear. You want a world of peace, but
all you talk of is hate,
> violence, and death. Such hypocrites.

You obviously missed something in the translation. Why can't you comprehend
this simple point, Nagy?  It's jews who are now and always have demanded
that WE fight THEIR wars for them.  It's clear that it was jews behing WWI
and WWII, and Kosovo, and you cannot deny that it's jews who're pushing for
us to attack Iraq, and who are using OUR dollars to KILL fellow Christians
and Muslims in Israel (and who are directly responsible for 911, one way or
the other).

We condemn each and every little kike who desires us to do their fighting
for them.  In fact, each jew who has such KILLING in his rock hard little
heart WILL suffer a million times over for each innocent child or mother or
father who dies because of them.

> If you were sincere, you'd keep bionet.neuroscience out of it.

This is a bionet.neuroscience thread, so quit removing it from the header.
The people who started this thread need it to be included.

John Knight

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