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Sun Aug 18 17:03:48 EST 2002

"The Axis of Appeasement"
"ADVANCE COPY from the August 26/September 2, 2002 issue: The State Department `breaks ranks' with the president."
by William Kristol 
the Weekly Standard, 08/26/2002, Volume 007, Issue 47

The appropriate Action to take has been available, but 'moved away from', for decades.

Promulgate the available understanding with respect to how and why hate-filled "Prejudice" 'blindly' and automatically arises within nervous systems.

The current U. S. Government will either do that, or go down in History as having committed Mass-Murder.

It's no contest.

Why Kill, when understanding, promulgated, is sufficient?

I am Grateful for the voices that speak-out in Courageous-Reason, stand with-them, and will gladly take all the hurtful stuff inflicted upon them in the Author's writing.

Somebody, anybody - set me Free to fight this fight.

K. P. Collins
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