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> >> > > Dear OhSojourner,
> >> > >
> >> > > What the Nazis did was NEVER a good thing.
> >> >
> >> > Cute, that you try to hornswoggle folks with an
> >> > advance disclaimer before you try to put across
> >> > _another_ version of the tired, old "there never
> >> > was a Nazi slaughter of Europe's Jews" Big Lie.
> >> >
> >> > Adults aren't buying your swill, bub.
> >> >
> >> > > You see, for the "six million Jews" that were "killed"
> >> >
> >> > Cute, you put the word killed in quotes -- as if you
> >> > don't really believe those six million Jews were
> >> > really killed.  Whaddya call it then, 'inconvenienced'?
> >> >
> >> > > [...] there were not only a 4% INCREASE in the
> >> > > Indo-European Jewish population according to
> >> > > Jewish sources
> >> >
> >> > But you can't account for a catastrophic plunge
> >> > in the Central European Jewish population, eh?
> >> >
> >> > Nice try, but you ain't bamboozling any adults here, bub.
> >> >
> >> > > but 40 million CHRISTIANS were also BRUTALLY
> >> >
> >> > Aside: Overuse of all-caps shows "crass overemotionalism"
> >> > on your part.  Obviously when you accused dear OhSojourner
> >> > of such behavior you were projecting.  (Ever considered
> >> > getting a job in a cineplex?  Talent like yours should not
> >> > be wasted -- you're a natural projectionist.)
> >> >
> >> > So were lots of Jews killed defending their own homes.
> >> > Somehow, tho', you overlook the special horror of all
> >> > those Good Christians turning their backs on their
> >> > Jewish neighbors -- even their Christian neighbors
> >> > who happened to be of ethnic jewish extraction --
> >> > as these non-combatants were rounded up for
> >> > systematic extermination on an industrial scale.
> >> >
> >> > Thanks for illustrating, bub, that no matter what the
> >> > volume of brain you have, it's all rotted inside.
> >>
> >> Thank you Society -- as ever, a swift and sharp touche.
> >
> >At best, 8X (read: eight times, for you "wiberals") as many
> Christians as
> >jews died during WWII.  With the "new and improved" figures at places
> like
> >Auschwitz, that is now up to 48X (read: forty eight times, for you
> >"wiberals").  Most likely the real figure is 480,000X (read: four
> hundred
> >eighty thousand times) as many dead Christians as dead jews.
> >
> >Do you realize this is based on JEWISH figures?  These figures were
> >published around the world *before* the jews cooked up the holocaust
> idea.
> >We didn't make these up--JEWS did.  The holocaust idea wasn't hatched
> until
> >the early 1950's, at which time they suddenly reduced their
> estimates.
> >
> >
> >What Mr. August posted here is WORTH shouting about--so shut your
> mealy
> >mouth, Ohsojourner, unless you want to THINK (for a change).
> What's wrong, Knut -- too much of a coward to address the original
> poster of the statistics you're disputing?  Seems like the foam and
> spittle from your locked jaw is obscuring your vision, now, too.
> I never disputed that the Nazis also killed Christians.  My point of
> contention that started this mini-thread was the fact that you implied
> that mass genocide (which you referred to as "booting out") of an
> entire ethnic group was to be viewed in a positive light.  That's
> evil.

What you can't seem to comprehend, mainly because you've been brainwashed by
all the jewish media mania (or perhaps because you ARE a jew), is that
"booting the jews out" meant, and still does mean, "booting the jews out".

As the population of jews in Germany decreased by 600,000, the population of
jews in the US increased by 600,000.  But the worldwide population of jews
also increased by 4% by the end of WWII, which is another 550,000 (from 15.2
million in 1941 to 15.75 million in 1948).  The jews were popping up all
over the place.  The population of jews in South America increased by
200,000 (from 30,000 to 230,000).  There were so many more jews at the end
of WWII than there were before that there was no place for Slimey
Wiesenthal, et. al., to hide them all, so they made up the holocaust LIES to
distract your attention from the fact that the jew Hitler and his jew Nazis
KILLED 48 million Christians while they protected the jews.

It's really hard to feel sorry for LIARS who LIED when they claimed that "6
million jews died in the holocaust", when the REAL holocaust was the 48
million fellow Christians who died far more horrible deaths in firebombings
than the vast majority of jews who were sitting in comfy concentration camps
ever witnessed.

The "Final Solution" wasn't to kill the jews--it was to exile them.  And
most of them WERE exiled.  The jews who DID die in concentration camps died
at the end of WWII when WE intentionally bombed the German supply lines
which brought food and medicine to the concentration camps.  Why did we do
that?  Because the inmates were making war materiel used to fight the
Allies.  Why would the Germans want to kill the very people who were
supplying war materiel for them in the midst of a losing war?  This would be
like cutting your own throat (not that jews could have produced very much,
but every drop would have counted at that point).

Booting out this entire ethnic group was a good thing for Germany.  Already,
their family incomes are approaching twice ours.  It was a good thing for
Spain.  If we had had a murder rate equivalent to Spain's, then just in the
20th Century alone, 800,000 to 1 million fewer Americans would have been
murdered.  It's a good thing for the Russians, who are finally able to
restore their Christian nation.  And it was a good thing for each of the
other 83 nations who booted out the jews.

The benefits to the US will exceed all expectations.

John Knight

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