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Mon Aug 19 04:23:12 EST 2002

"American Arsenal in the Mideast Is Being Built Up to Confront Saddam Hussein", By ERIC SCHMITT and THOM SHANKER

"American planners hope that Iraqi officers will not pull the trigger after calculating the punishment awaiting them if they unleash weapons on behalf of a crumbling government."

Why not do the far-less-costly, far-less-precipitory, much-more-effective work inherent in promulgating understanding with respect to how and why hatred, prejudice, and the 'blindly'-automated Savagery they infilct within Human interactive dynamics, arise 'blindly', automatically and Ignorantly, within nervous systems?

Why not allow all people, everywhere the opportunity to See, for themselves, the Truly-base, Truly-anti-Humanity, nature of such 'blindly'-automated Savagery?

Why not do the work inherent in understanding, rather than resorting to the old, familiar, but Ravaging, 'way' of resort to 'force'?

Why not use our abilities to resort to Reason?

K. P. Collins

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