Looking for neurobiology consultants

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 19 10:19:38 EST 2002

I signed-up. Got an email requesting a contact.

So, since I'm on the brink of becoming a 'hobo', I decided to give
them a call.

First try, my new calling card wouldn't work [this always happens on
the first call I make with this type of calling card].

Second try: No answer.

Third try [to a "remote office" number]: Followed instructions,
pressed "*", got disconnected.

Fourth try: I got someone speaking in an "oriental" language :-)

All the dialing was done with judicious-care because, since I was
using a calling card, it's a 'hassle' to redial - so I take care to
get the dialing done correctly the first-try.

Anyway, this same sort of can't-get-through-via-telephone thing has,
in my experience, been going on for years and years.

And, in this admittedly-'pathetic' way, I'm just 'taking-note' of it.

But it's why I'm a tad 'bummed-out' today. [Not the particular set of
calls I made this morning, but it's redux of the long-term thing.

'manufactured 'truth', via the PBX.

All at such terribly-great Cost within my experience.

"Oh well."

Do they still have Railway Detectives?

k. p. collins

jcollier wrote in message ...
>Please sign up at www.1sci.com

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