brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> This is his reaction when you hit him with "higher English" he is
> of understanding without looking up every single word in a dictionary.
> His defense is so transparent, it would be hilarious if it weren't so
> worrisome.
> He really should be reported; what he is advocating with his "solutions"
> qualifies as domestic terrorism, and we certainly don't need any of that.
> The Shadow Dancer

Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 4:33 AM
Shallow Dunce wrote:

> Stop aiding and abetting the terrorism yourself, John Knight.  Advocating
> the wholesale deportation and/or slaughter of individuals based solely on
> their birth heritage is no different than what the Nazi party did in
> Germany - and what the neo-Nazi party advocates today.
> It definitely qualifies as domestic terrorism.  Take your "terror" to some
> private island somewhere.  The majority of us do not need your type.  The
> majority of us do not WANT your type.

If I have ever seen an emasculated mind. It is here with this person. If
people like Shallow Dunce were left in charge of police activity, we would
have exactly the same horrors found in the former Soviet Union, in which the
JEWISH, yes I said JEWISH, controlled NKVD. Here, is an example of their
grisly acts. Even pregnant women were murdered.
The tomb of the unknown victims beneath the floorboards at Vasilyansky
Monastery is hardly the only mass grave found since the collapse of the
Soviet Union a decade ago, but it is especially grisly. Of the 225 bodies
dug out, about 80 belonged to children; workers discovered a few bones so
small that specialists believe they belonged to a fetus just four months
after conception.

Some of the skulls have single, small bullet holes in the back, a few still
ringed with black from the gunshot. Others have cracks down the front,
apparently from an ax, or have been crushed on top, possibly by a hammer.

The bodies were not found laid to rest, but rather crumpled as if thrown in.
No buttons or belt buckles or combs or shoe soles -- the parts of clothing
that typically survive the longest -- were found, suggesting the people were
buried naked.

When Shallow Dunce speaks, hysteria sets in because IT cannot handle the
truth. If you don't like what you read, get out and find your own chat line.
Instead, IT rather hurl threats of terroristic acts. Here, at Christian
Party, we exercise our Constitional First Amendment Rights. Yes, you
communist pinko. As far as being a "decorated" USAF disabled veteran. Any
military service person can be "decorated' by meeting certain standards in
their job. Becoming disabled can be as simple as a drunken sailor who cracks
his head open by falling off a bar stool. Thus, having permanent thinking
problems as Shallow Dunce may have. Tell us Shallow Dunce what were you
"decorated" for and I notice you avoided the term "war" veteren. As far as
being a "proud American," you know nothing about being an American. You
neither know your history or your Constitution and who it is you serve.

For once, we disagree.

This is not "her" history, nor is it "her" Constitution.  It's not "her"
USAF, and "her" disability was a mental defect of her own race.  She's made
it abundantly clear that "her" history and "her" Constitution and "her"
allegiance is the Talmud, and nothing else.  She's disgraced the uniform of
our once proud USAF just by wearing it, and denigrated the term "disabled
veteran" by whining that she had terminal PMS.

Sure, she demands the protection of OUR Constitution when she's beating the
drums about killing "them dam. A-RABS", but can you ever expect her to
"return the favor" when all we do is exercise our First Amendment right to
kick the scum pond out of the country?  No.

For every jew in America who demands that "A-RABS" be executed or tortured
or bombed to smithereens, we must exile 100 jews.

Will that lead to world peace?  In a heartbeat.

John Knight

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