brain sizes: Einstein's and women's: pop quiz

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Mon Aug 19 13:54:16 EST 2002

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> Ok, if Mr. Knight's explanations are retarded, I challenge you to read
> own reply to him again:
> (ahem)
> " How can you claim that your whites are whites when your "racial/gender"
> > category consistently scores lower than if they'd just GUESSED, and when
> you
> > can't provide even one possible explanation for why?
> How do you know all of my children are my race?
> > This is like an airline pilot claiming that he's a great pilot, when he
> > can't even provide an explanation for why he can't get the door shut.
> Like you can't explain anything. Your idiocy is explains enough about
> you tho."
> Gee, Jen-Jen, can't you get the picture?
> You calling John Knight "retarded" is like a drunk saying a sober guy
> even walk from all the milk he drank.
> Sincerely,
> Richard C. August

Well done, Mr. August!

You nailed her right to the wall, but it's doubtful if she'll ever known

The risk is that she'll claim that we didn't properly attribute her
sentence: "Your idiocy is explains enough about you tho".

When a feminazi writes a non-sensical sentence like that, we know they can
claim that it meant anything they later want to claim it meant );


John Knight

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