brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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yelled from the fourth floor ward window, and subsequently was

*>> What I don't understand is that some American men will bitch
*>> MEN have to die in wars, but then turn around and refuse to let
*>> die in wars, even if they wish to.
*>Women pilots have already crashed more military aircraft than we've
lost to
*>foreign enemies in the last 3 decades.  It's been abundantly
documented that
*>per mile flown, women pilots are 4 times more likely than men
pilots, and
*>per mile driven, women drivers are 4 times more likely than men
drivers, to
*>have accidents. and

I could have sworn you just posted that men were more likely to die in
auto crashes. So maybe women have quantity, but men have "quality".

Please provide references other than christianparty.  I will accept
gov or faa stats.


*>Why should we even allow such dangerous people into the military in
*>first place?  It's not a matter of how many more women will
die--their mere
*>presence increases the dangers to men ten or a hundred or a thousand
*>it creates a hostile environment for our fighting men (sexual
*>"discrimination" and "harassment"), and it turns a once proud
military force
*>into a baby sitting service.

Then stop fucking bitching because "only men die in war". First of
all, it's bullshit. Women die in war as well, most of them without the
resources or equipment to defend themselves. Secondly, you can't have
it both ways, John. Either let women die fighting for their country,
or shut the fuck up about it.

*>John Knight

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