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> >Have you ever heard of a THESIS?
> Yes.
> >A thesis is a statement that raises a question.  It doesn't always have
> >be in the form of a question.  These three QUESTIONS Mr. Knight raises
> >in the form of THESES.
> These are not in the form of a thesis.  From Merriam-Webster
> unabridged:
> >2 a : a position or proposition that a person (as a candidate for
> > scholastic honors) advances and offers to maintain by argument b : a
> > proposition to be proved or one advanced without proof : HYPOTHESIS
> >3 : the first and least adequate stage of dialectic -- compare
> A thesis clearly has to be a position or proposition.
> >> "John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote:
> >> >> > > > > ps--pop quiz:  based on this poll, how do you feminazis
> >that people
> >> >> > > > > would respond to the following 3 simple questions:
> >> >> >
> >> >> > > > > 1)  God created life.
> >> >> >
> >> >> > > > > 2)  Life evolved with no help from God.
> >> >> >
> >> >> > > > > 3)  Dunno.
> Please tell us the proposition involved in "Dunno".
> Rather than 3 theses, it seems rather clear that the nincompoop is
> trying to present a single question (never quite stated) with a 3-part
> multiple choice answer, such that choosing one excludes choosing the
> others, with the respondent required to choose one.  The problem is
> that the answers do not encompass the range of possibilities of
> answering the implied question of how life came about, and there is no
> "none of the above".
> Furthermore, the actual question asked is how people would respond to
> these based on some poll that he cited.  He is not asking their
> response to the "theses" as you term them, but rather asking people to
> predict how other people would respond to this "poll question" based
> on their response to some different poll question.  Since no reputable
> poll would word questions so grossly, there is no plausible answer.

Do you think anyone is surprised that you'd "feel" that a question that
included the word "God" is worded "so grossly"?

We need no more evidence that you are a TRUE, dedicated, died in the wool,
moron and feminazi, do we?

> >But dumb, jackbooted feminazis who are more concerned about their boot
> >polish than brain work wouldn't know that, would they?
> I would like to know what the "theses" in question have to do with
> feminism.  The issue involved in one of biology and its interaction
> with religious belief.  As phrased, they appear to be religious
> questions rather than biology questions, pertaining to God's role in
> the process.  But of course he thinks he is asking about evolution,
> which operates whether or not God was involved, and which says nothing
> about the origin of life, which is unknown.

Your "reasoning" is exactly the moronic "interpretation" of the Holy Bible
that permitted feminazism to raise its ugly head in the first place.

> >> >Isn't it funny how feminazis trip all over themselves to get the WRONG
> >> >answers, all the time, continuously?
> >> >
> >> >A simple little quiz, and this entire flock of feminazis couldn't even
> >> >it into context to answer the question, even one time?
> Note that he uses the word "question" in the singular, and hence is
> not referring to three things.
> lojbab

It was a single question about how these MORONS "think" that Americans would
respond to a three part poll which included those three theses.  They
couldn't even do that SIMPLE thing.  This is exactly what TIMSS
demonstrated--a complete and total inability of American 12th grade girls to
answer the SIMPLEST questions, or demonstrate the simplest of reasoning,
which up to 90% of the boys in some countries were able to respond to

Their response was so limited that 32% of the test wasn't even statistically
significant, and on 23% that was statistically significant, it was only
statistically significant because they scored lower than if they'd just
guessed.  This leaves a whopping 45% of the test to try to measure what they
knew, which was durn little.  They scored significantly lower than boys on
24% of the test, and significantly higher on only one question.

Since they're obviously incapable of answering the question anyway, let's
not wait around any longer, and answer it for them.  Based on the Gallup
Poll (a VERY biased source):

87% of Americans would have answered 1)  God created life.
9% of Americans would have answered 2)  Life evolved with no help from God.
4% of Americans would have answered 3)  Dunno.

Your childish, "liberal", feminazi little games with this question aside,
this is exactly what the airy fairy faggots at Gallup were trying so
desperately to conceal:  only 9% of Americans have accepted this "thesis" of

Why is it that you "liberals" are always in the teeny wheeny minority of the
population all the time?

John Knight

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