brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight johnknight at
Mon Aug 19 21:45:31 EST 2002

"Noinden" <slaine at> wrote:
> So I ask you to take your views and kindly keep them to yourself.

ok.  Ask away.

And I ask you to take your views, and your bad grammar, and your profanity,
and your misspellings, and your "hatred", and your detestable "liberalism",
and your inability to comprehend the difference between Christians and
Nazis, stuff them in that plastic bag, put it all over your head, hold your
breath for 5 minutes, and let us know the instant anything improves.

John Knight

"Noinden" <slaine at> wrote in message
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> "John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote in message
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> inition of amorality when sodomy is twice as prevalent in
> Ok Johnny-boy your brand of bigoted crap has gone on long enough. It
> is obvious from the trite "Third Position" style postings you are
> making you are a "national socialist" in mind if not in name or
> affiliation.
> You see people in terms of sexuality, ethnicity, and religion they
> hold.
> Well "bully for you" but you are nothing but a "big jessie" (jessie
> being a low land Scots term for a weak, effeminate cowardly man) or a
> gaberlunzie (a tramp).
> Your views hold as much evidence or credence as a sieve!
> The views you express are akin to those expressed by the lower classes
> of Germany that voted the National Socialists into power in the mid
> 1930's (oh that's right he took power rather than got voted in .. even
> more cowardly, a condition I know you are most certainly familiar
> with).
> So I ask you to take your views and kindly keep them to yourself. They
> certainly have nothing to do with paganism. Your views of the Reich uh
> I mean far right of the political spectrum are distorted and unwelcome
> to any who is sane and fair.
> So "mr" Knight go very far away, or even better do the world a favour,
> find a plastic bag, stretch it over your head and breath deep for a
> while.

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