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>> Furthermore, the 2001 version of the same Gallup poll questioning,
>> reported at
>> which has slightly different results numbers, went into the question
>> of wording more carefully.  Putting the question into simply
>> "evolution" vs. "creation", it was 33% who chose "evolution" and 57%
>> that chose "creation".
>Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  The lengths you jews, "liberals", feminazis,
>niggers, and other muds will go to to avoid the TRUTH never ceases to amaze!
>Here's an excerpt from that 2001 Feb 19-21 poll:
>37%  Humans developed, with God guiding
>12%  Humans developed, but God had no part in process
>45%  God created humans in present form
>6%    OTHER (vol.)/No opinion
>The term "evolution" REQUIRES that speciation occurred, which means that it
>cannot include "God guiding" that process.

FALSE.  Evolution (and speciation) say NOTHING about a role for God.
He might have guided it, or He might not have guided it, and
evolutionary theory is not affected either way.

>The only "evolutionists" on this
>poll are the 12% who are stupid enough to think: " God had no part in

According the Gallup source I cited, 33% said that they favored
evolution over creationist theory, and this was in the exact same poll
that you cited above.  Therefore 21% of the people apparently consider
that evolution guided by God is still evolution AND they use
"evolution" as a label for what they accept.

>You cannot have it both ways.  Either God created life, ALL life, including
>HUMAN life, or He didn't.

False.  One can have it any number of ways.  Don't tell us what we can
and cannot believe, and above all don't presume to tell the
all-powerful God what He can and cannot do.

>The instant someone says "with God guiding" is the instant they abandon all
>"faith" in speciation, which completely and totally rules out "evolution".

False.  You clearly don't know what "speciation" means.

>It's disingenuous (no, it is a LIE) to conduct a poll of people who've been
>brainwashed by their public "education" system into "thinking" that
>"evolution" is a "theory", that "evolution" can occur without speciation, or
>that both God creating life and evolution creating life can occur

Evolution doesn't create life.  Evolution says NOTHING about how life
was created.

>What the poll does prove is just one thing:  that the public "school"
>brainwashing has been effective.

Whether it is "effective brainwashing" or nincompoop misunderstanding,
the bottom line is that the Gallup poll says 33% accept evolution, not
9% or 12%.

Which of course hardly matters, because natural processes are not
subject to poll results.


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