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> > Speaking of 911, let's take a look at some of the things the charming
> > Mr. Knight wrote regarding that disaster, shortly after it happened.
> > After which, perhaps it's best not to respond to him any more, as it's
> > kind of futile to engage a lunatic (unless of course we consider that
> > keeping him occupied here distracts him from other, more potentially
> > dangerous activities).
> >
> > Mr. Knight, do you not deny you wrote these posts?  ...This is just
> > too fucked up for words.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> > > >Tell me something. As I have told you before my neighbor across the
> street
> > > >is Jewish. They have a brother who worked in the WTC when the plane
> crashed
> > > >into it. He said just about everyone got out safely. There goes the
> 10,000 +
> > > >dead theory..
> > >
> > > You damn moron.   They haven't even begun to find all the bodies.
> > > And most of the people working in those buildings were not Jewish.
> > >
> > > And what of all those in the hijacked planes. and of the rescue
> > > workers who died trying to help those in the buildings?   Are you
> > > totally without compassion for anyone?
> >
> > Most of the people in all of New York are either jews, fags,
> > feminists, or
> > STUPID, so if God wanted to maximize His efforts, He just could not
> > have
> > picked a better 50 square blocks.
> >
> > Watching those two buildings slide into oblivion was nothing short of
> > a work
> > of art );
> >
> > John Knight
> Why in hel. would I deny writing those words?  They're the *truth*. Even
> Yawk Magazine knows that.  Their own polls show that almost two thirds of
> jew Yawkers are as amoral as the worst of Sodom & Gomorrah, and I quote:
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> -  Compared to a national sample, New Yorkers are twice as likely to
> legalizing gay marriage (60 percent versus 34 percent);

  Not amoral just not agreeing with you.

> -  Over three-quarters (78 percent) think the State's current hate crimes
> law should include gays and lesbians;

  Mistaken but agian not immoral or amoral.

> -  Two-thirds (65 percent) of straight New Yorkers feel that gays and
> lesbians should be free to adopt children;

  And then should, my hephew is being brought up by two lesbians and
he's doing fine, or at least better than you.

> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> It's the sheer definition of amorality when sodomy is twice as prevalent
> jew Yawk as it is in San Fagcisco, wouldn't you say?

  No it's amorality when you don't care how many innocent people are killed
to suit your purposes.  Assumming that your figures are correct and that the
attitudes you object to are statistically independent  22% * 40% * 35% =
3.08% of the people killed were "innocent" by your own standards.  You are
celebrating the deahts of at least 90 people who did nothing wrong even by
your pervereted standards.
  Oh and by the way your figures do not prove that sodomy is any more
prevelent in NY than anywhere else.
> You "liberals" "think" it was terrible that 3,000 of jew Yawk's finest got
> pulverized, but the REST of the country is more concerned about the almost
> TWICE as many babies who were murdered in the womb just yesterday (400
> worth per year),

  So far I have not seen one american except you compare the deaths of
clumps of cells to the deaths of noble firemen.  America is NOT as upset
abortions as it is about murder.  Pro-liars claim it is but it aint.

> or the 42,000 OTHER normal Americans (10 WTCs worth) who
> were killed in traffic accidents or the 18,000 (4 WTCs worth) who were
> murdered since then,

  Actaully they aren't.  Shortly after the atttacks I argued that they
should be and
they should not treat the deaths as an excuse to limit freedom because as
mention other causes kill more.

> or the tens of thousands of fellow Christians and
> Muslims (several WTCs worth) who've been murdered by the murderous jews in
> Palestine,

  Murdered or killed in self-defence?  Even assume some of the killings were
I don't think you have any evidence that there were 8,000 murders.

> or the 8,000 CHRISTIANS in Kosovo (2 WTCs worth) who were
> murdered at the behest of jews,

  Excuse me?  The christians killed in Kosove were killed by muslims or

> or the 48 million fellow Christians (12,000
> WTCs worth) who were basted in WWII,

  Which rthe Jews started by inhaling Zyklon B in an threatening manner?

> or the 25-50 million fellow Christians
> (as many as 12,000 WTCs worth) who the jews Trotsky and Lenin killed in
> Russia,

  Actaully the killings were mostly at the direction of the gentile Stalin.
communist party leadership was never predominately Jewish and did not
succed because of their Jewishness but due to the support of large numbers
of Russians.  Not large relative to the population but large enough to win

> or the White farmers who're being slaughtered in Zimbabwe as we
> speak,

  Who have less than 100 dead so far.  I notice you don't mention the far
numberous dead blacks in Zimbabwe.

> or the 580,000 Americans who've died of cancer and the 400,000 of
> heart disease (245 WTCs worth) since then.
> There probably weren't as many sodomites killed in that entire list as
> were in the WTC alone.  Which do you think God was the most proud of?

  The gay man who charged the hijackers on flight 97.

> John Knight
> ps--do you know what the jewish body count was in the WTC?  ZERO!!   Does
> that make God a bad shot?

  No it makes you a liar.  The Bulitein lists 4 Israeli citizens dead.
That's not counting
american Jews or Jews from countries other than Israel.  Try again moron.

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