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> >> >87% of Americans would have answered 1)  God created life.
> >> >9% of Americans would have answered 2)  Life evolved with no help
> >> >from
> > God.
> >> >4% of Americans would have answered 3)  Dunno.
> >>
> >> Thereby proving that you did not consider it three questions, but
> >> only one.  Furthermore, you doctored the actual results reported by
> >> Gallup in 1999 by combining two different answers to the question
> >> they asked into one.  Since poll answers are specific to the EXACT
> >> wording of the question, you really have no idea how people would
> >> react to those specific choices.  Finally, the Gallup question
> >> referred to the development of "humans", not to "life", and you
> >> therefore changed the question in a very significant way from what
> >> was actually asked.
> >>
> >> Furthermore, the 2001 version of the same Gallup poll questioning,
> >> reported at
> >> which has slightly different results numbers, went into the question
> >> of wording more carefully.  Putting the question into simply
> >> "evolution" vs. "creation", it was 33% who chose "evolution" and 57%
> >> that chose "creation".
> >>
> >
> > Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  The lengths you jews, "liberals",
> > feminazis, niggers, and other muds will go to to avoid the TRUTH never
> > ceases to amaze!
> >
> > Here's an excerpt from that 2001 Feb 19-21 poll:
> >
> > 37%  Humans developed, with God guiding
> > 12%  Humans developed, but God had no part in process
> > 45%  God created humans in present form
> > 6%    OTHER (vol.)/No opinion
> >
> > The term "evolution" REQUIRES that speciation occurred, which means
> > that it cannot include "God guiding" that process.  The only
> > "evolutionists" on this poll are the 12% who are stupid enough to
> > think: " God had no part in process".
> >
> > You cannot have it both ways.  Either God created life, ALL life,
> > including HUMAN life, or He didn't.
> There!  There speaks the true fanatic, one that *requires* that God be one
> way, *his* way, and no other.  A true fanatic cannot even comprehend that
> God may have created a *system* of life, not just life, that is ever
> changing, ever evolving.  Never mind that, the true fanatic cannot even
> comprehend that an evolving system of life is a far more beatiful
> to God's existence then just some living cells that never change, that
> *always* remain the same, no matter what(in other words, not really life
> all).

Who's the "fanatic" here?  Your cozy little "theory" of evolution is
challenged, and you just can't stop jumping up and down and waving your arms
long enough to even THINK about what you're saying.

You're saying that the only way we can respect God is to accept LIES from
JEWS who are known LIARS when they LIE about Darwin.

Even Darwin himself would disagree with the LIES the jews have spread about
"evolution"--and with you.

There's nothing "fanatical" at all about believing that God created all life
in exactly the form that it exists today, unless you want to believe that
those 91% who REJECT the "theory" of evolution are all fanatics?

The fanatics are the jews, feminazis, niggers, muds, and other "liberals"
who seem to think the world revolves around them.

John Knight

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