brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> John Knight wrote:
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> >>And two, how do you hit someone on the head with a non-tangible
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> > The point is that this intangible object is as worthless at preventing
> > conflict as it is if you hit the judge over the noggin with it.
> >
> > John Knight
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> The only reason that it is worthless at preventing conflict (assuming we
are still talking about
> TRO's) is because there is no sure fire way to make sure it is followed
(and the fear of the
> "punishment" doesn't override the "need" to retaliate). So yes, it is
worthless, but lets work
> TOGETHER to correct that.

Working "TOGETHER to correct that" means abolishing the entire concept,
which is about the only way to fix most of the forty phenomenal failed
federal flops

John Knight

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