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> John Knight wrote:
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> >>Europeans have very little to do with Israel, especially when it comes
> >
> > lineage, as most will be
> >
> >>more then happy to tell you, so get off that boat already.
> >
> >
> > The term "Caucasian" which means "White Race" comes from the Caucasus
> > Mountains which is where the Israelites were dispersed to from Israel.
> > really didn't just evaporate--each nation in Europe is a descendant of
> > of the Israelite patriarchs.
> You are nuts. The homeland of my Grandparents (Hungary) was settled by
MONGOLIANS, not Israelites.
> The Celts and other northern nations were also inhabited LONG before
Christ or Moses. There is PROOF
> of this in your local natural history museum.

durn, Joseph, you'd think if your grandparents were from Hungary, that at
least you'd know that the Mongolians didn't even get there until the 1200s
or later, which was 2,000 years or more after the Israelites got there, and
that after they left there wasn't much genealogical evidence that they'd
ever been there.  Not even DNA experts today can locate a Mongolian gene in
the Hungarian race.

> > Even following all of these procedures, even with permission to cross
> > and fly around restricted areas, even while in radio communication with
> > of these services, even with a flight plan detailing the flight pattern,
> > routinely get intercepted by one of the numerous F-16s flying around the
> > country, sightseeing, with nothing much better to do than to grin
broadly as
> > they sit off my left wing, peering into the cockpit to make sure who's
> > flying the plane.
> >
> > But they were ORDERED to STAND DOWN.
> >
> > By bush.  Not Osama--bush.  Not even a miracle worker like Osama could
> > done that.
> Then start a movement to have a vote of no-confidence started. We put him
there, we can damn well
> take him out. It's as simple as that.
> But this is based on the hypothetical fact that what you said is true (and
if you can qoute an
> independent news source (read as not your website), I'd be more inclined
to believe you).

How "independent" does this "news source" have to be to satisfy your

This was on the Phil Donahue Show.  Is that not "independent" enough?

John Knight

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