brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> > > I understood they were married long before he got radiation poisoning.
>> > > ISTM she got half of that Nobel because of old male chivalry.  Nothing
>> > > to do with radiation poisoning or Jews/Gentiles.
>> >
>> > And nothing to do with male chivalry. As I qouted before, she got
>> > the prize because she EARNED it.
>> I'm sorry, but that's just silly.  No man would have been given a
>> Nobel prize for being Pierre's assistant.

But of course Pierre got one for being Marie's assistant.

>Do feminists know that Marie was Pierre's lab assistant?

She wasn't, since she was working in the field before he was, and he
dropped HIS research to join hers.

>Of course they do.
>Do they really think she was instrumental in his discoveries and


>The Nobel Committee never even considered her for the award,

If they had not done so, then she would not have gotten the award,
since THEY were the ones who awarded it.

>and wouldn't
>have if Pierre hadn't asked them to include her name on HIS half of the
>Nobel Prize.

Pierre did NOT ask them; he answered a private letter from someone on
the committee who asked HIM.

>Is that proof that Pierre believed that she was worthy of the prize?  If he
>really did, he certainly wouldn't have included his comment about this being
>"artistic", would he?

You clearly have no understanding of the French word and the French


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