The Evolution of the Brain

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>> >what the fuck has this all to do with the stone roses??
>> >
>> My guess is that the original poster is a supporter of the U.S.
>> politician Lyndon LaRouche and is attempting to further LaRouche's
>> efforts to bring to light Queen Elizabeth's links to international
>> drug dealing. Specifically, it appears to be an attempt to educate
>> Stone Rose's fans about the rather sordid dealings the Queen is
>> alleged to have been engaged in. After all, the Stone Roses' dislike
>> for the Queen isn't exactly a secret, what with John Squire singing
>> about putting "a blanket over the Queen Mother's head" ("Elizabeth My
>> Dear" Second Coming, 1994).
>> That's my theory. What do you think?
>I think it lacks an awareness of some basic facts.
Like what? Are you saying I've been misinformed?

>Someone will fill you in....

How about you? Or are you saying that you don't know the basic facts,
>Oh, and learn how to use apostrophes.

Oh,ho! That's a good one. You must've missed my signature. Take a
look. Feel kinda silly now, don't you?

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