brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> ->IN THAT an automobile-centric geography is anti-community; has
> ->inadvertently promoted isolation and the splitting of families apart;
> ->has diluted the tax base of cities; driven the cost of living skyward,
> ->increased pollution, contributed to the decline in American fitness
> ->and physique, and has probably assisted in widening the gap between
> ->rich and poor, we would seek to:
> The "widening gap between rich and poor" is a specious socialiat
> concern, because the gap is greatest when the poor are best off.
> See Thomas Sowell's recent column, for example:
>   Imagine that a genie magically appeared and offered to grant you
>   one wish -- and, being a decent sort, you wished that everyone's
>   income would be doubled. That could bring down on you the wrath
>   of the political left, because it would mean that the gap between
>   the rich and the poor had widened. That is basically their
>   complaint against the American economy.

Excellent point.

All of her other points are just as stupid as the one about "widening gap
between rich and poor".  John Lott proved once and for all that it's women
voters like her who can't possibly understand the first thing about
economics who caused government spending to skyrocket from 2% to 42% of each
wage dollar in the first place.  The quickest way to fix all the ills of
society she refers to (and she's missing 95% of the most important ones) is
to repeal the 19th Amendment

John Knight

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