brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> John Knight wrote:
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> > Being a capable to assistant to Pierre is certainly a positive thing.
> > Turning it into a feminazi weapon against the sanctity of the family was
> > sheer tragedy, and it was mostly women who suffered by it.  Taking that
> > limited role and turning it into a government leadership role in France
> > Marie and her daughter and son-in-law couldn't possibly fulfill is
> > by the French to have caused a major setback in their nuclear program.
> > our own Encyclopedia Britannica recognizes that possibility
> >
> Of course you got it wrong, again. Pierre was an assistant to Marie,
leaving his OWN studies in
> crystals and symmetry in nature.
> >
> >
> >
> >>
> >>>ps--the jews raised hel. and called the French "anti-semites" when they
> >>>refused to give her the positions they wanted her in.  How can the
> >>
> > French be
> >
> >>>"anti-semites" unless she was a jew just like the rumors suggested she
> >>
> > was?
> >
> >>I really don't care whether she was Jewish.
> >
> >
> > If she was jewish, then she's closely associated with people who LIE and
> > plagiarize and STEAL from every non-jew they know, just like Einstein
> > .  Her "coincidental" discovery
> > the properties of thorium at exactly the same time as Schmidt gets even
> > suspect.  It makes her a suspect as a zionist.  It significantly reduces
> > probability that she was anywhere near men like Pierre in intellectual
> > ability and that this entire
> > activity was sponsored by zionists.  It suggests that this push for
> > equality" is not just a local jewish problem, but is an effort by
> > zionism.  It puts zionists in the position of having sabotaged France's
> > nuclear program.  It means that we need to re-examine every award and
> > and honor ever awarded to either a jew or a woman.  It means that we
need to
> > be doubly on the lookout for exactly the same activity in this country.
> > could mean that we're already further down the same false path the
> > followed.
> >
> > You should care.
> >
> > John Knight
> >
> >
> You are truely nuts, aren't you? I mean that above paragraph is filled
with so much paranoia and
> spin doctoring (that you accuse even the Nobel Prize Committee of doing)
that it's not even funny.

It's that Aryan (translation: Nazi) outlook of his.  Nothing we can do about
that except ignore him.  Hopefully he'll vanish back into obscurity, off to
where the rest of his Aryan brethren went.

He even admitted to following the Aryan precepts by the one "Aryan" post he

Unfortunately, the First Amendment allows such hate groups to form.
Fortunately, it doesn't allow them to hurt people in serious ways, with
impunity.  Other laws guard against that.

We can safely regard all this posturing and wordiness to be nothing more
than that - posturing and wordiness.  It's very simple to ignore, and that's
what I am going to do.

The Shadow Dancer
P.S.  Apologies to bionet.neuroscience.  I included you on this reply
because I did notice one or two of your membership responding to "John

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