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> >>You are nuts. The homeland of my Grandparents (Hungary) was settled by
> >
> > MONGOLIANS, not Israelites.
> >
> >>The Celts and other northern nations were also inhabited LONG before
> >
> > Christ or Moses. There is PROOF
> >
> >>of this in your local natural history museum.
> >>
> >
> >
> > durn, Joseph, you'd think if your grandparents were from Hungary, that
> > least you'd know that the Mongolians didn't even get there until the
> > or later, which was 2,000 years or more after the Israelites got there,
> > that after they left there wasn't much genealogical evidence that they'd
> > ever been there.  Not even DNA experts today can locate a Mongolian gene
> > the Hungarian race.
> I do know that they didn't get there that late. One of the oldest cities
still around in Hungary was
> only established around the 1200's (it's a tad over 700-800 years old). To
be able to establish a
> city, they would have needed time to not only settle down in the country,
but change their nomadic
> ways. That just doesn't happen over night. And the only people that ever
got conquered by the Huns
> were the Turks (who smacked right back) and surrounding European countries
at various times. Even
> ROME was a target for Atilla the Hun (and among etymologists, it is
believed that Atilla is more of
> a title (such as Rex or Ceaser) then an actual name as it is given to a
live person througout
> several centuries of Hungarian history).
> Again your math is off.

Genghis Khan wasn't even born until 1167, and it was during his reign that
the Mongolians entered Hungary.  If the Israelites ever built cities in
Hungary (and I'm not claiming that they did, as they had been dispersed from
their own cities at that time), those cities would have been long gone 2,000
years later when Genghis Khan's Mongolians arrived.

It's your claim that Hungarians are Mongolians that I'm disputing, though.
Having been to Budapest, I know from detailed discussions about this with
Hungarians that this is a theory they would certainly find interesting.  The
Hungarians definitely are a distinct White Race, and the Israelites are most
likely their White ancestors.  There are other candidates, but the widely
known and documented dispersion of Israelites to that territory makes them
the most likely candidates.

Another very misunderstood race are the Russians.  There are very few real
Russians in the US.  Most of the people who call themselves "Russians" in
the US are actually jews, or "Khazars".  A real Russian in Russia is almost
identical in racial features to a Swede, or many White Americans.  Both the
Swedes and the Russians agree that Russia was settled by the "Rus", with the
difference in opinion being which way the Rus migrated.  The Russians claim
that the Rus migrated from Russia and established Sweden, while the Swedes
claim that the Rus migrated from Sweden and established Russia.  Either way,
they are direct descendants of one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

> >>Then start a movement to have a vote of no-confidence started. We put
> >
> > there, we can damn well
> >
> >>take him out. It's as simple as that.
> >>
> >>But this is based on the hypothetical fact that what you said is true
> >
> > if you can qoute an
> >
> >>independent news source (read as not your website), I'd be more inclined
> >
> > to believe you).
> >
> >
> > How "independent" does this "news source" have to be to satisfy your
> > requirement?
> >
> > This was on the Phil Donahue Show.  Is that not "independent" enough?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > John Knight
> >
> >
> Not if you can only produce links to your web site containing that

If the following transcript differs by even one word, let me know asap:

John Knight

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