The Evolution of the Brain

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> want Matt to get in trouble with his ISP for top-posting in
> contravention of UN regulations>
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> >> >what the fuck has this all to do with the stone roses??
> >> >
> >>
> >> My guess is that the original poster is a supporter of the U.S.
> >> politician Lyndon LaRouche and is attempting to further LaRouche's
> >> efforts to bring to light Queen Elizabeth's links to international
> >> drug dealing. Specifically, it appears to be an attempt to educate
> >> Stone Rose's fans about the rather sordid dealings the Queen is
> >> alleged to have been engaged in. After all, the Stone Roses' dislike
> >> for the Queen isn't exactly a secret, what with John Squire singing
> >> about putting "a blanket over the Queen Mother's head" ("Elizabeth My
> >> Dear" Second Coming, 1994).
> >>
> >> That's my theory. What do you think?
> >I think your theory is the cats arse....
> Well, there's an idiomatic expression that didn't travel well across
> the Pacific! :) From your misspelling of "ass," I'm assuming that
> you're Austrian, so I guess I'll have to cut you some slack.
> Nonetheless, the expression you're thinking of is "cat's pyjamas," as
> in "I think your theory is the cat's pyjamas."

Austrian?! Are you saying that his alleged misspelling is to do with being a
native speaker of German, and also because of some subtle difference between
the Germans and the Austrians? Or did you mean Australian? Since you
mentioned the Pacific in your criticism, I conclude that you did mean
"Australian". I think you need a map. Or to go back and study your Latin.

In either case, you're wrong. Not only did he mean "arse", but he spelled it

> To which I can only reply, "Thank you." I think there's something to
> the theory, but maybe other true Stone Rose's fans can help fill in
> the blanks. I've only been listening to them for a few years now.

Which you demonstrate admirably by

a) failing to pluralise correctly

b) misplacing the apostrophe

Either you can't write, or, more likely, having made the same mistake twice
now, you just don't know what you're talking about.

I grant you that listening doesn't teach you as well as reading, but


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