The Evolution of the Brain

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R. E. Hicks wrote:
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[Snippity doo-da]

> > Like what? Are you saying I've been misinformed?
> >
> > >Someone will fill you in....
> >
> > How about you? Or are you saying that you don't know the basic facts,
> > either?
> Well, I don't know anything about Lyndon LaRouche (nor do I feel the need
> to), but as a Stone Roses fan I do know that:
> 1) John Squire wasn't the singer in the Roses (although recent news
> establishes that he contributed backing vocals to at least one Second Coming
> song.)

Duh.  Try the lead guitarist for Yes.

> 2) Elizabeth My Dear wasn't about putting a blanket over the Queen Mother's
> head - in fact I fail to see how you could have got that meaning from the
> lyrics:
> "Tear me apart and boil my bones
> I'll not rest till she's lost her throne
> My aim is true
> My message is clear
> It's curtains for you, Elizabeth my dear"

It seems pretty clear to me, though he did confuse
the curtains with a blanket.


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