Emotions vs Focus - Addendum

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Aug 21 15:12:17 EST 2002

You know - why do folks think I'm 'fighting' so hard to get NDT's synthesis of the experimental results across to them?

Do folks 'think' my 'incentive' is "wanting to become 'rich'"?

I could've become such, through just using the stuff that I was born with in 'traditional' ways -far easier than the work that I've done, no?


I Saw folks' Suffering.

I Saw that I could do something to ameliorate such.

That's what everything I've done in your electronic-'precence' is all about.

Folks' 'thinking' that I'm just 'being a Jackass', for the sake of 'my wanting to cause them problems' is completely without foundation in Reality.

I'm not a "misanthrope".

I'm just the opposite of such.

I've been 'in-there', wrestling with the 'blind'-automatation that's Dictated your Suffering.

Because, Forgive me, Please, I Love You - I Love your Children - I Love Humanity, and that which Humanity can become. I See such, and it's so much better than the old, long-familiar Ravaging 'way', that I want it for Humanity.

I wouldn't 'bother' anyone if the route hadn't been thoroughly worked-out long ago.

I'm Sorry that it's been the case that folks couldn't See what's been in my 'heart' - so I had to 'press-on-regardless', and folks, being still subjugated by 'blindly'-automated stuff, 'took-offense'.

But, how can you See until the 'blindness' is 'removed'?

So, as is briefly discussed in AoK, Ap10, Knowing that you'd 'move away from' until the 'blindness' was 'removed', I've 'taken it all on the chin', because I've understood, all along, that, when the 'blindness' is 'removed', to the degree that it is 'removed', the Savagery that's Ravaged 'humanity' since the beginning, will 'just' 'go away'.

I'll comment further, along this line, in response to another thing that Ian Goddard has posted.

I've talked about my 'being caged', but that's not it.

I Escaped the 'cage' of 'blind'-automation decades ago, and, basically, what I've been doing is 'racing' around that which 'cages' folks, 'erasing' the 'bars', working to find the way to get-across to folks that they're in-there of their own Volition - that, all along, the 'bars' of your 'cage were Illusory.

God willing, you'll get-it before I 'wink-out'.

[And, BTW, I don't want to 'wink-out'. If such happens, such happens. ["Oh well."] But I've found a way, today, to 'make it through October.]

k. p. collins
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